Caribbean Portraits: Essays on Gender Ideologies and Identities

Caribbean Portraits: Essays on Gender Ideologies and Identities

By Christine Barrow
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Book Description

"Since the 1970s the study of gender issues as they relate to the Caribbean has gone through several reinterpretations. The respectable wife and mother stereotype was replaced by that of the 'powerful matriarch', which was in turn challenged by studies exposing the poverty and vulnerability of women, not only of Afro-Caribbean descent but Indian, white and coloured middle-class women. These reinterpretations signal a departure from the European, American and African feminist scholarship; indeed Caribbean feminists are beginning to accept that perhaps the 'Caribbean woman' does not exist. Caribbean Portraits makes its contribution by focusing on issues of gender ideology and identity. The articles in the collection ask simple but fundamental questions: Who are Caribbean women and who are Caribbean men? How do gender ideologies and stereotypes define them and how in turn do they respond? How are gender identities and relations formed and how do imperialism, capitalism, racism, race and culture affect these identities and relationships? "

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Ancestral Poem
  • Introduction and Overview
  • SECTION I - The Political Economy of Labour Force Feminisation: Women's Work and Gender Relations
    • 'Men Day Done': Are Women Really Ascendant in the Caribbean?
    • Island-hopping Body Shopping in Barbados: Localising the Gendering of Transnational Workers
    • Guardians of our Homes, Guards of yours? Economic Crisis, Gender Stereotyping and the Restructuring of the Private Security Industry in Georgetown, Guyana
    • Working on Equality: Commonwealth Caribbean Women Trade Union Leaders
    • Explaining the Caribbean Family: Gender Ideologies and Gender Relations
  • SECTION II - Hegemony, Patriarchy and the Creation of a Caribbean People's Culture
    • Centreing Woman: The Political Economy of Gender in West African and Caribbean Slavery
    • Gender Ideology and Land
    • Changing Perceptions of Gender in the Caribbean Region: The Case of the Jamaican Peasantry
    • Women and Jamaican Pentecostalism
  • SECTION III - Acquiring Gender Identities: Socialisation and Schooling
    • For Richer or Poorer: How Western Psychology Does, Can and Should Contribute to a Caribbean Analysis of Gender Ideologies?
    • Meditation on 'The Subject': Rethinking Caring Labour
    • Feminisms and Educational Research and Understandings: The State of the Art in the Caribbean
    • Education of the Colonial Woman through the Eyes of the Novelist
    • Socialisation and the Development of Gender Identity: Theoretical Formulations and Caribbean Research
  • SECTION IV - Representations of Femininity and Masculinity: Embodiment, Sexuality and Family
    • Body Talk: Writing and Speaking the Body in the Texts of Caribbean Women Writers
    • Caribbean Bodies: Representation and Practice
    • 'Compulsory Heterosexuality' and Textual/Sexual Alternatives in Selected Texts by West Indian Women Writers
    • 'Young t'ing is the name of the game': Sexual Dynamics in a Caribbean Romantic Fiction Series
    • Caribbean Masculinity and Family: Revisiting 'Marginality' and 'Reputation'
  • SECTION V - Women's Power in a Man's World: Contestations of Gender, Raceand Culture
    • Siren/Hyphen; or, the Maid Beguiled
    • Sometimes You have to Drink Vinegar and Pretend You Think is Honey: Race, Gender and Man-Woman Talk
    • Ram and Sita: The Reconstitution of Gender Identities among Indians in Trinidad through Mythology
    • Contestations over National Culture in Trinidad and Tobago: Considerations of Ethnicity, Class and Gender
    • Liberal Ideology and Contradictions in Caribbean Gender Systems
  • Bibliography
  • Contributors
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