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AQA Physics: A Level Year 2 Revision Guide
Sadie Garratt, Jim Breithaupt
AQA Physics: A Level Year 2 Revision Guide
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Front Cover
Title Page
AS/A Level course structure
How to use this book
Section 6 Further mechanics and thermal physics
17 Motion in a circle
17.1 Uniform circular motion
17.2 Centripetal acceleration
17.3 On the road
17.4 At the fairground
Chapter 17 Practice questions
18 Simple harmonic motion
18.1 Oscillations
18.2 The principles of simple harmonic motion
18.3 More about sine waves
18.4 Applications of simple harmonic motion
18.5 Energy and simple harmonic motion
18.6 Forced vibrations and resonance
Chapter 18 Practice questions
19 Thermal physics
19.1 Internal energy and temperature
19.2 Specific heat capacity
19.3 Change of state
Chapter 19 Practice questions
20 Gases
20.1 The experimental gas laws
20.2 The ideal gas law
20.3 The kinetic theory of gases
Chapter 20 Practice questions
Section 7 Fields
21 Gravitational fields
21.1 Gravitational field strength
21.2 Gravitational potential
21.3 Newton’s law of gravitation
21.4 Planetary fields
21.5 Satellite motion
Chapter 21 Practice questions
22 Electric fields
22.1 Field patterns
22.2 Electric field strength
22.3 Electric potential
22.4 Coulomb’s law
22.5 Point charges
22.6 Comparing electric fields and gravitational fields
Chapter 22 Practice questions
23 Capacitors
23.1 Capacitance
23.2 Energy stored in a charged capacitor
23.3 Charging and discharging a capacitor through a fixed resistor
23.4 Dielectrics
Chapter 23 Practice questions
24 Magnetic fields
24.1 Current-carrying conductors in a magnetic field
24.2 Moving charges in a magnetic field
24.3 Charged particles in circular orbits
Chapter 24 Practice questions
25 Electromagnetic induction
25.1 Generating electricity
25.2 The laws of electromagnetic induction
25.3 The alternating current generator
25.4 Alternating current and power
25.5 Transformers
Chapter 25 Practice questions
Section 8 Nuclear physics
26 Radioactivity
26.1 The discovery of the nucleus
26.2 The properties of α, β, and γ radiation
26.3 More about α, β, and γ radiation
26.4 The dangers of radioactivity
26.5 Radioactive decay
26.6 The theory of radioactive decay
26.7 Radioactive isotopes in use
26.8 More about decay modes
26.9 Nuclear radius
Chapter 26 Practice questions
27 Nuclear energy
27.1 Energy and mass
27.2 Binding energy
27.3 Fission and fusion
27.4 The thermal nuclear reactor
Chapter 27 Practice questions
Section 9 Option section summaries
Medical physics
Engineering physics
Turning points in physics
Answers to practice questions
Answers to summary questions
For reference
Back Cover
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