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Oxford AQA History for GCSE: Conflict and Tension: The Inter-War Years 1918-1939
Aaron Wilkes
Oxford AQA History for GCSE: Conflict and Tension: The Inter-War Years 1918-1939
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This Conflict and Tension 1918-39 book is written specially to match the new 2016 AQA GCSE History specification, and is developed by an experienced head of history and an author with senior examining experience. Carefully designed features such as Sources, Practice Questions and Study Tips help students prepare for the new AQA exams.

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Title Page
Introduction to the Oxford AQA GCSE History series
Part One: Peacemaker
Chapter 1 The armistice: aims of the peacemakers
1.1 The aims of Clemenceau,Wilson and Lloyd George
1.2 Why were the ‘Big Three’willing to compromise when they disagreed on so much?
Chapter 2 The Versailles Settlement
2.1 What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
2.2 What was the reaction to the Treaty of Versailles?
Chapter 3 Impact of the Treaty and wider settlement
3.1 How satisfied were the Allies with the Treaty of Versailles?
3.2 The German reaction to the Treaty of Versailles
3.3 How fair was the Treaty of Versailles and the wider settlement?
3.4 How were Germany’s allies treated at the end of the war?
3.5 To what extent did the ‘BigThree’ achieve their aims?
How to... analyse sources
Part Two: The League of Nations and international peace
Chapter 4 The League of Nations
4.1 Why was the League of Nations created?
4.2 The structure of the League
4.3 Did the League of Nations help people?
4.4A How successful was the League in the 1920s?
4.4B How successful was the League in the 1920s?
Chapter 5 Diplomacy outside the League
5.1 How did international agreements help the League of Nations?
Chapter 6 The collapse of the League
6.1 The decline of international cooperation in the 1930s
6.2 The Manchurian crisis
6.3 How did the League react to the Manchurian crisis?
6.4 Why did Italy invade Abyssinia?
6.5 How did the League respond to the Abyssinian crisis?
6.6 Was the League of Nations destined to fail?
How to...respond to statements
Part Three: The origins and outbreak of the Second World War
Chapter 7 The development of tension
7.1 What did Hitler want?
7.2 How did other countries react to Hitler’s foreign policies?
7.3 German rearmament and the road to war
Chapter 8 The escalation of tension
8.1 The reoccupation ofthe Rhineland
8.2 Which countries supported Hitler?
8.3 Anschluss with Austria, 1938
8.4 How did people react to Anschluss?
8.5 What was the Sudeten Crisis?
8.6 Why was Chamberlain so hopeful of ‘peace inour time’?
8.7 How did Britain and France react to Hitler’s actions?
8.8A Was appeasement a good idea?
8.8B Was appeasement a good idea?
Chapter 9 The outbreak of war
9.1A The Nazi-Soviet Pact
9.1B The Nazi-Soviet Pact
9.2 The invasion of Poland and the declaration of war
9.3 Why did the Second World War break out?
How to...write an account
Practice Questions for Paper 1: Conflict and Tension 1918–1939
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