A Treatise on Relics

A Treatise on Relics

By Jean Calvin
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  • Contents
  • Preface.
  • Preface To The Second Edition.
  • Introductory Dissertation.
    • Chapter I. Origin Of The Worship Of Relics And Images In The Christian Church.
    • Chapter II. Compromise Of The Church With Paganism.
    • Chapter III. Position Of The First Christian Emperors Towards Paganism, And Their Policy In This Respect.
    • Chapter IV. Infection Of The Christian Church By Pagan Ideas And Practices During The Fourth And Fifth Centuries.
    • Chapter V. Reaction Against The Worship Of Images And Other Superstitious Practices By The Iconoclast Emperors Of The East.
    • Chapter VI. Origin And Development Of The Pious Legends, Or Lives Of Saints, During The Middle Ages.
    • Chapter VII. Analysis Of The Pagan Rites And Practices Which Have Been Retained By The Roman Catholic As Well As The Græco-Russian Church.
    • Chapter VIII. Image-Worship And Other Superstitious Practices Of The Graeco-Russian Church.
  • Calvin's Treatise On Relics, With Notes By The Translator.
  • Postscript.
  • List Of Works Published By Johnstone, Hunter, & Co., Edinburgh.
  • Footnotes
  • Credits
  • A Word from Project Gutenberg
  • The Full Project Gutenberg License
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