Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes, Volume One

Kalevala, The Land of the Heroes, Volume One

By Unknown
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  • The Project Gutenberg eBook, Kalevala, Volume I (of 2), by Anonymous, Translated by W. F. Kirby
    • E-text prepared by R. Cedron, V. L. Simpson, and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team (http://www.pgdp.net)
    • Runo I.—Birth of Väinämöinen
    • Runo II.—Birth of Väinämöinen
    • Runo III.—Väinämöinen and Joukahainen
    • Runo IV.—The Fate of Aino
    • Runo V.—Väinämöinen's Fishing
    • Runo VI.—Joukahainen's Crossbow
    • Runo VII.—Väinämöinen and Louhi
    • Runo VIII.—Väinämöinen's Wound
    • Runo IX.—The Origin of Iron
    • Runo X.—The Forging of the Sampo
    • Runo XI.—Lemminkainen and Kyllikki
    • Runo XII.—Lemminkainen's First Expedition to Pohjola
    • Runo XIII.—Hiisi's Elk
    • Runo XIV.—Lemminkainen's Death
    • Runo XV.—Lemminkainen's Recovery and Return Home
    • Runo XVI.—Väinämöinen in Tuonela
    • Runo XVII.—Väinämöinen and Antero Vipunen
    • Runo XVIII.—Väinämöinen and Ilmarinen Travel to Pohjola
    • Runo XIX.—The Exploits and Betrothal of Ilmarinen
    • Runo XX.—The Great Ox, and the Brewing of the Ale
    • Runo XXI.—The Wedding Feast at Pohjola
    • Runo XXII.—The Tormenting of the Bride
    • Runo XXIII.—The Instructing of the Bride
    • Runo XXIV.—The Departure of the Bride and Bridegroom
    • Runo XXV.—The Home-coming of the Bride and Bridegroom
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