Adventures in Excellence

Adventures in Excellence

By Anonymous
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Adventures In Elegance
  • Heavenly Homebaked Breads
    • Bonny Berry Bread
    • Kwicky Cherry Kolaches
    • Dutch Apple Coffee Cake
  • Perfectly Marvelous Pies
    • Spicy Frozen Raisin Pie
    • Peanut Crunch Apple Pie
    • Pineapple Sundae Pie
    • Rainbow Cherry Pie
    • Glazed Raisin-Cherry Pie
    • Swedish Apple Cake
  • Fabulous Festive Desserts
    • Peach Smoothee
    • Mincemeat Filled Cookies
    • Berry Squares
    • Icy Lemon Soufflé
    • Apple Fruit Cake
      • Butter Sauce
    • Dessert Pancakes
  • Collector’s Corner
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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