The Phantom Friend A Judy Bolton Mystery

The Phantom Friend A Judy Bolton Mystery

By Margaret Sutton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • CHAPTER I The Empty Chair
  • CHAPTER II Clarissa Valentine
  • CHAPTER III Tour Thirteen
  • CHAPTER IV Strange Questions
  • CHAPTER V Impossible Answers
  • CHAPTER VI An Unfortunate Gift
  • CHAPTER VII A Hidden Danger
  • CHAPTER VIII The Witch’s Curse
  • CHAPTER IX Into the Mist
  • CHAPTER X The Wrong Direction
  • CHAPTER XI On the Train
  • CHAPTER XII A Night of Terror
  • CHAPTER XIII Before Daylight
  • CHAPTER XIV Serious Trouble
  • CHAPTER XV The Wrong Girl
  • CHAPTER XVI The Name on the Calendar
  • CHAPTER XVII A Wanted Thief
  • CHAPTER XVIII Thieves of the Mind
  • CHAPTER XIX Uncovering the Facts
  • CHAPTER XX Identified
  • CHAPTER XXI Explained
  • CHAPTER XXII Real Phantoms
  • CHAPTER XXIII A Curious Letter
  • CHAPTER XXIV Trapped!
  • CHAPTER XXV Real Friends
  • CHAPTER XXVI Talking Pillows
  • Transcriber’s Notes
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