Mrs Albert Grundy—Observations in Philistia

Mrs Albert Grundy—Observations in Philistia

By Harold Frederic
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Table of Contents
  • Presenting in Outline the Comfortable and Well-Regulated Paradox over which She Presides, and showing its Mental Elevation
  • Setting forth the Untoward Circumstances under which the Right Tale was Unfolded in the Wrong Company
  • Annotating Sundry Points of Contact found to exist between the Lady and Contemporary Art
  • Affording a Novel and Subdued Scientific Light, by which divers Venerable Problems may be Observed Afresh
  • Touching the Experimental Graft of a Utilitarian Spirit upon the Aesthetic Instinct in our Sisters
  • Relating to Various Phenomena attending the Progress of the Sex along Lines of the Greatest Resistance
  • Illustrating the operation of Vegetables and Feminine Duplicity upon the Concepts of Maternal Responsibility
  • Containing Thoughts upon the Great Unknown, to which are added Speculations upon her Hereafter
  • Glancing at some Modern Aspects of Master John Gutenberg's ingenious but Over-rated Invention
  • Detailing certain Prudential Measures taken during the Panic incident to a Late Threatened Invasion
  • Dealing with the Deceptions of Nature, and the Freedom from, Illusion Inherent in the Unnatural
  • Suggesting Considerations possibly heretofore Overlooked by Commentators upon the Laws of Property
  • Narrating the Failure of a Loyal Attempt to Circumvent Adversity by means of Modern Appliances
  • Introducing Scenes from a Foreign Country, and also conveying Welcome Intelligence, together with some Instruction
  • Disclosing the Educational Influence exerted by the Essex Coast, and other Matters, including Reasons for Joy
  • Describing Impressions of a Momentous Interview, loosely gathered by One who, although present, was not quite In it
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