Lady Jane Grey and Her Times

Lady Jane Grey and Her Times

By Ida Ashworth Taylor
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Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I The condition of Europe and England—Retrospect—Religious Affairs—A reign of terror—Cranmer in danger—Katherine Howard.
  • CHAPTER II 1546 Katherine Parr—Relations with Thomas Seymour—Married to Henry VIII.—Parties in court and country—Katherine’s position—Prince Edward.
  • CHAPTER III 1546 The Marquis of Dorset and his family—Bradgate Park—Lady Jane Grey—Her relations with her cousins—Mary Tudor—Protestantism at Whitehall—Religious persecution.
  • CHAPTER IV 1546 Anne Askew—Her trial and execution—Katherine Parr’s danger—Plot against her—Her escape.
  • CHAPTER V 1546 The King dying—The Earl of Surrey—His career and his fate—The Duke of Norfolk’s escape—Death of the King.
  • CHAPTER VI 1547 Triumph of the new men—Somerset made Protector—Coronation of Edward VI.—Measures of ecclesiastical reform—The Seymour brothers—Lady Jane Grey entrusted to the Admiral—The Admiral and Elizabeth—His marriage to Katherine.
  • CHAPTER VII 1547-1548 Katherine Parr’s unhappy married life—Dissensions between the Seymour brothers—The King and his uncles—The Admiral and Princess Elizabeth—Birth of Katherine’s child, and her death.
  • CHAPTER VIII 1548 Lady Jane’s temporary return to her father—He surrenders her again to the Admiral—The terms of the bargain.
  • CHAPTER IX 1548-1549 Seymour and the Princess Elizabeth—His courtship—He is sent to the Tower—Elizabeth’s examinations and admissions—The execution of the Lord Admiral.
  • CHAPTER X 1549-1550 The Protector’s position—Disaffection in the country—Its causes—The Duke’s arrogance—Warwick his rival—The success of his opponents—Placed in the Tower, but released—St. George’s Day at Court.
  • CHAPTER XI 1549-1551 Lady Jane Grey at home—Visit from Roger Ascham—The German divines—Position of Lady Jane in the theological world.
  • CHAPTER XII 1551-1552 An anxious tutor—Somerset’s final fall—The charges against him—His guilt or innocence—His trial and condemnation—The King’s indifference—Christmas at Greenwich—The Duke’s execution.
  • CHAPTER XIII 1552 Northumberland and the King—Edward’s illness—Lady Jane and Mary—Mary refused permission to practise her religion—The Emperor intervenes.
  • CHAPTER XIV 1552 Lady Jane’s correspondence with Bullinger—Illness of the Duchess of Suffolk—Haddon’s difficulties—Ridley’s visit to Princess Mary—the English Reformers—Edward fatally ill—Lady Jane’s character and position.
  • CHAPTER XV 1553 The King dying—Noailles in England—Lady Jane married to Guilford Dudley—Edward’s will—Opposition of the law officers—They yield—The King’s death.
  • CHAPTER XVI 1553 After King Edward’s death—Results to Lady Jane Grey—Northumberland’s schemes—Mary’s escape—Scene at Sion House—Lady Jane brought to the Tower—Quarrel with her husband—Her proclamation as Queen.
  • CHAPTER XVII 1553 Lady Jane as Queen—Mary asserts her claims—The English envoys at Brussels—Mary’s popularity—Northumberland leaves London—His farewells.
  • CHAPTER XVIII 1553 Turn of the tide—Reaction in Mary’s favour in the Council—Suffolk yields—Mary proclaimed in London—Lady Jane’s deposition—She returns to Sion House.
  • CHAPTER XIX 1553 Northumberland at bay—His capitulation—Meeting with Arundel, and arrest—Lady Jane a prisoner—Mary and Elizabeth—Mary’s visit to the Tower—London—Mary’s policy.
  • CHAPTER XX 1553 Trial and condemnation of Northumberland—His recantation—Final scenes—Lady Jane’s fate in the balances—A conversation with her.
  • CHAPTER XXI 1553 Mary’s marriage in question—Pole and Courtenay—Foreign suitors—The Prince of Spain proposed to her—Elizabeth’s attitude—Lady Jane’s letter to Hardinge—The coronation—Cranmer in the Tower—Lady Jane attainted—Letter to her father—Sentence of death—The Spanish match.
  • CHAPTER XXII 1553-1554 Discontent at the Spanish match—Insurrections in the country—Courtenay and Elizabeth—Suffolk a rebel—General failure of the insurgents—Wyatt’s success—Marches to London—Mary’s conduct—Apprehensions in London, and at the palace—The fight—Wyatt a prisoner—Taken to the Tower.
  • CHAPTER XXIII 1554 Lady Jane and her husband doomed—Her dispute with Feckenham—Gardiner’s sermon—Farewell messages—Last hours—Guilford Dudley’s execution—Lady Jane’s death.
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