Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

By Adah Louise Sutton
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • CHAPTER I. The Teddy Bears Arrive.
  • CHAPTER II. Which Introduces Sally.
  • CHAPTER III. In Which the Teddy Bear Finds a Name.
  • CHAPTER IV. Enter Bob.
  • CHAPTER V. A Trip to the Farm.
  • CHAPTER VI. Bedelia Amuses Herself.
  • CHAPTER VII. “A Valley So Sweet.”
  • CHAPTER VIII. Home Again.
  • CHAPTER IX. The Teddy Bears Pay a Visit to Bob and Do Some Other Things.
  • CHAPTER X. John Takes a Tumble.
  • CHAPTER XI. Peter Pan Gains a New Idea.
  • CHAPTER XII. They Visit the Kitchen.
  • CHAPTER XIII. Peter Pan Uses the Telephone.
  • CHAPTER XIV. The Teddy Bears at the Cleaner’s.
  • CHAPTER XV. A Ball in the Nursery.
  • CHAPTER XVI. The Twins Abscond.
  • CHAPTER XVII. Bedelia Takes a Sea Voyage.
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Bedelia Becomes Literary.
  • CHAPTER XIX. Hallowe’en.
  • CHAPTER XX. The Dream Child.
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