Collins Cambridge IGCSE™  Economics Student’s

Collins Cambridge IGCSE™ Economics Student’s

By James Beere, Karen Borrington, Clive Riches
Book Description

Collins Cambridge IGCSE ® Economics Student Book provides comprehensive coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE Economics (0455) syllabus, with in-depth content presented in a clear and easily accessible format. Written by experienced teachers, it offers a wide range of carefully developed features to help students to develop and apply their knowledge.

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International Education
First teaching: 2018 First examination: 2020

The Student Book provides full syllabus coverage of the new IGCSE Economics syllabus (0455) as well as the Cambridge O level syllabus (2281), both for first teaching in 2018 and first examination in 2020. With a clear structure mapped to the syllabus, chapters cover the full content of the curriculum including units on the allocation of resources, the role of government in the economy, economic indicators, and alleviating poverty. It supports students in their learning and understanding of economic terminology, concepts and theories, and guides them in applying this understanding to current economic issues.

The course is underpinned with the primary aim of encouraging students to engage with their own learning and all material is designed to stimulate and foster independent learning. It is written specifically for international school students with clear language and consideration of learners’ needs throughout. It also offers revision practice and exam preparation and is designed to prepare students for further study in Economics.

• Full syllabus coverage of the IGCSE and O level curriculum for first examination 2020

• Easy-to-use book structure with clear and consistent signposting within each unit

• Engaging, colourful and user-friendly layout

• Key terms and key concepts highlighted on the page and also included in a useful glossary at the end of the book

• Case studies, both global and region-specific, to provoke student discussion and understanding

• Worked examples to demonstrate how a problem or question can be addressed

• Practice questions and exam-style questions to reinforce students’ understanding

• Provides opportunities for homework through project work, exercises and assessment

A Revision Guide and Teacher Guide is also available for this course.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Introduction
  • 1 The basic economic problem
  • 2 The allocation of resources
  • 3 Microeconomic decision makers
  • 4 Government and the macro economy
  • 5 Economic development
  • 6 International trade and globalisation
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements
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