Soldering, Brazing and Welding

Soldering, Brazing and Welding

By Unknown
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Table of Contents
  • Soldering, Brazing and Welding
  • CHAPTER I The Various Processes of Joining Metals
  • CHAPTER II Soft Solders
    • Eutectic Alloys.
    • Hardness of Solders.
    • Compositions of Soft Solders.
    • Making Solder Strips, Wire, Tears, etc.
    • Making Solder from Pewter.
    • Making Coarse Solder from Composition Piping.
    • Combined Solder and Flux.
    • Soft Solders that Melt in Boiling Water.
    • Re-melting and Overheating Solder.
  • CHAPTER III Fluxes Used in Soft-soldering
    • Why a Flux is Required.
    • Variety of Fluxes.
    • Preparing Zinc Chloride (“Killed Spirit”).
    • Applying the Flux.
    • Flux Used on Food Containers.
  • CHAPTER IV Soft-soldering with the Copper Bit
    • Copper Bits.
    • Spirit-Heated Soldering Bits.
    • Gas-heated Bits.
    • Stoves for Heating Soldering Bits.
    • Tinning a Bit.
    • Simple Soldering.
    • Reinforced and Filled-in Soldered Joints.
    • Soldering Heavy Milk Churns.
    • Soldering Hole in Enamelled Ware.
    • Soldering Leaded Lights.
    • Soldering Catch on Gun-barrel.
  • CHAPTER V Soft-soldering with Blowpipe or Bunsen Burner
    • The Mouth Blowpipe.
    • Bunsen Burner, Spirit Lamps, etc.
    • Bench Blowpipes.
    • Tapers.
    • Catching-tray for Bunsen Burner.
    • Blow Lamps.
    • How to Operate a Mouth Blowpipe.
    • Typical Blowpipe Jobs.
    • Re-soldering Kettle Spout.
    • Soldering Corroded Metal.
    • Soldering Small Work.
    • Soldering Pipe Joints.
    • Soldering Birdcage Wires.
    • Sweating.
  • CHAPTER VI Soldering Aluminium
    • Solders for Aluminium.
    • Fluxes for Aluminium.
    • The Soldering Bit.
    • The Process of Soldering Aluminium.
    • Soldering Aluminium to Copper or Brass.
  • CHAPTER VII Wiping Joints on Lead Pipes
    • Plumbers’ Solder.
    • Flux.
    • The Cloths.
    • Horizontal or Underhand Joints.
    • Upright Joints.
    • Wiped Joint between Lead and Cast-iron Pipes.
  • CHAPTER VIII Hard-soldering with Silver Solder
    • Silver Solder.
    • Requisites for Silver-soldering.
    • Preparing the Borax Flux.
    • The Method of Silver-soldering.
    • Soldering Small Work with Paillons.
    • Larger Work.
    • Quenching Silver-soldered Work.
    • Removing Soldering Marks.
  • CHAPTER IX Soldering Gold and Silver Jewellery
  • CHAPTER X Brazing
    • Spelter.
    • The Flux.
    • The Method.
    • Brazing-lamps.
    • Gas Blowpipe for Brazing.
    • Making a Gas Brazing Hearth.
    • Brazing Iron and Steel.
    • Brazing Copper Rod.
    • Brazing Key Stems.
    • Cycle Brazing.
    • Brazing Cast-iron.
  • CHAPTER XI Welding Iron and Steel under the Hammer
    • Welding of Steel Specially Considered.
  • CHAPTER XII Making Blowpipes
    • A Simple Gas Blowpipe.
    • Proportion of Air to Gas.
    • Capacities of Blowpipes.
    • Large and Efficient Blowpipe.
  • CHAPTER XIII Managing Blow-lamps
  • CHAPTER XIV Making Blow-lamps
  • CHAPTER XV Electric and Thermit Welding Briefly Considered
    • Arc Welding.
  • CHAPTER XVI Oxy-Acetylene Welding
    • Welding Copper.
    • Welding Aluminium.
    • Welding Cast-Iron.
  • CHAPTER XVII Lead Burning
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