An Advanced Students' Guide to Edward Baugh's Poetry

An Advanced Students' Guide to Edward Baugh's Poetry

By Shirlene J. Woodburn
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Book Description

This text seeks to foreground in the intellects of an emerging generation of students, the indispensable work of Baugh, in the development of Caribbean literary perspectives, and in doing so expose them to Baugh's poetry as an appreciable branch of his literary contribution. The book is also a vital source for communicative development, especially for honing critical reading, thinking and writing in students.

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Part One
    • Edward Baugh
  • Part Two
    • Poetic Style
  • Part Three
    • Themes
    • Introduction: Remembrance as Muse
    • Definitive Memories, or Autobiography as Art
    • Narratives of Folklife, or Folkways
    • Narratives on Nature, or Memories of a Romantic Sensibility
    • Facets of Postcolonial Memory, or Memories of the Collective Historical Consciousness of the Caribbean
    • Writing the Nation
    • Ideas of Death
    • Desire, Yearning and Regret
  • Part Four
    • Further Studies in Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing
    • Sample Questions
  • Glossary
  • Works Cited
    • Helpful Links for Research on Edward Baugh
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