A Vendetta of the Hills

A Vendetta of the Hills

By Willis George Emerson
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Author of “The Treasure of Hidden Valley,” “Buell Hampton,” “The Builders,” etc.
    • Illustrated by A. Hutchins
    • 1917
    • TO MY WIFE
  • CHAPTER I—Guadalupe
  • CHAPTER II—Charmed Lives
  • CHAPTER III—Feminine Attractions
  • CHAPTER IV—Back to the Soil
  • CHAPTER V—At La Siesta
  • CHAPTER VI—The Quarrel
  • CHAPTER VII—Old Bandit Days
  • CHAPTER VIII—A Letter from San Quentin
  • CHAPTER IX—Tia Teresa
  • CHAPTER X—The Home of the Recluse
  • CHAPTER XI—A Rejected Suitor
  • CHAPTER XII—The Sped Bullet
  • CHAPTER XIII—Accused
  • CHAPTER XIV—Entanglements
  • CHAPTER XV—Behind the Bars
  • CHAPTER XVI—Pierre Luzon Returns
  • CHAPTER XVII—The Bitter Bit
  • CHAPTER XVIII—Elusive Riches
  • CHAPTER XIX—The Jail Delivery
  • CHAPTER XX—In the Cavern
  • CHAPTER XXI—A Debt of Honor
  • CHAPTER XXII—Underqround Wonders
  • CHAPTER XXIII—The Unexpected Visitor
  • CHAPTER XXIV—In a Tight Corner
  • CHAPTER XXV—Love and Revenge
  • CHAPTER XXVI—A Date is Fixed
  • CHAPTER XXVII—Among the Old Oaks
  • CHAPTER XXVIII—The Prize Winner
  • CHAPTER XXIX—-The Rendezvous
  • CHAPTER XXX—Don Manuel Appears
  • CHAPTER XXXI—Shadows of the Past
  • CHAPTER XXXII—Forebodings
  • CHAPTER XXXIII—Old Friends
  • CHAPTER XXXIV—Heart Searchings
  • CHAPTER XXXV—At Comanche Point
  • CHAPTER XXXVI—-Outwitted
  • CHAPTER XXXVII—The Dawn of Comprehension
  • CHAPTER XXXVIII—Exit Leach Sharkey
  • CHAPTER XXXIX—The Fight on the Cliff
  • CHAPTER XL—Revelation
  • CHAPTER XLI—Beneath the Precipice
  • CHAPTER XLII—Wedding Bells
    • THE END
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