Smithson's Theory of Special Creation
Noble Smithson
Smithson's Theory of Special Creation
Smithson’s Theory of Special Creation
Sec. 1. Personal God
Sec. 2. Whence and Whither
Sec. 3. Chemical Elements Composing the Human Body
Sec. 4. Atoms
Sec. 5. Cells and Cell Theory
Sec. 6. Protoplasm
Sec. 7. Human Body is a Compound Physical Structure Built of Cells
Sec. 8. Human Body is a Complex Animal Machine
Sec. 9. Human Body is Constructed on a Definite and Specific Plan
Sec. 10. Human Body is Unique and Peculiar
Sec. 11. Force and Motion
Sec. 12. Intellect, Memory and Will-power are Necessary, When
Sec. 13. Spermatozoön
Sec. 14. Ovum
Sec. 15. Spermatozoön and Ovum are Special Creations
Sec. 16. Germ-Cell, Stem-Cell or Fertilized Ovum
Sec. 17. Germ-Cell Does Not Contain Any Skeleton, Model nor Performed Outline of the Coming Embryo
Sec. 18. Germ-Cell Has No Inherent Power to Evolve, Spontaneously and Automatically, the Body and Organs of the Embryo
Sec. 19. Reproduction, its Phenomena
Sec. 20. Spermatozoön, its Production
Sec. 21. Ovum, its Production
Sec. 22. Germ-Cell, its Production
Sec. 23. Daughter-Cells, Their Production
Sec. 24. Animals, Their Sizes are Determined, How?
Sec. 25. Distribution and Grouping of Cells in the Embryo Body
Sec. 26. Distribution and Grouping of Cells in the Embryo Body, Continued
Sec. 27. Differentiation (Metamorphosis) of Simple-Cells Into Bone-Cells, Muscle-Cells, Nerve-Cells, Vascular-Cells, Gland-Cells, Etc.
Sec. 28. Waste of Cells
Sec. 29. Embryo Body is Built up of Inanimate Atoms Except the Germ-Cell
Sec. 30. Embryo Body; Each is Produced Anew
Sec. 31. Heredity has no Power to Generate a New Human Being; nor to Evolve One from the Germ-Cell
Sec. 32. Nature has no Power to Generate a New Human Being; nor to Evolve one from the Germ-Cell
Sec. 33. Every Human Being is a New, Direct and Special Creation by Almighty God; this Question to be Determined, How
Sec. 34. Proposition 1. Animals and Plants First Appeared on the Earth at a Certain Time
Sec. 35. Proposition 2. First Animal and Plant were Either Specially Created; or Arose by Spontaneous Generation from Inorganic Matter
Sec. 36. Proposition 3. No Spontaneous Generation of Animals; nor of Plants
Sec. 37. Proposition 4. Creator Could Have Made a Million Animals or Plants as Well as One
Sec. 38. Proposition 5. If the Creator Made the First Animal and the First Plant He Made All Others
Sec. 39. Proposition 6. Human Body is Either Specially Created or Spontaneously Generated, Which?
Sec. 40. Proposition 7. Human Skeleton is a Special Creation
Sec. 41. Proposition 8. Each Human Eye is a New, Direct and Special Creation
Sec. 42. Proposition 9. Each Human Ear is a New, Direct and Special Creation
Sec. 43. Proposition 10. Each Human Brain is a New, Direct and Special Creation
Sec. 44. Proposition 11. The Sexual Organs of Each Individual are New, Direct and Special Creations
Sec. 45. Proposition 12. Form, Size, Structure and Position of the Several Organs and Parts of the Body and Their Number are Conclusive Evidence that Each Human Body is a New, Direct and Special Creation
Sec. 46. Proposition 13. Universal Sameness of all Human Bodies, is Conclusive Evidence that Each of Them was Directly and Specially Made by the Creator
Sec. 47. Proposition 14. Creator’s Supervision of the Development and Growth of the Embryo is Necessary to Produce the Human Body
Sec. 48. Proposition 15. Each Human Body is Specially Endowed with Life
Sec. 49. Proposition 16. Every Human Soul is a New, Direct and Special Creation
Sec. 50. Objection to this Theory of Special Creation
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