Smithson's Theory of Special Creation

Smithson's Theory of Special Creation

By Noble Smithson
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Table of Contents
  • Smithson’s Theory of Special Creation
  • Preface
  • Sec. 1. Personal God
  • Sec. 2. Whence and Whither
  • Sec. 3. Chemical Elements Composing the Human Body
  • Sec. 4. Atoms
  • Sec. 5. Cells and Cell Theory
  • Sec. 6. Protoplasm
  • Sec. 7. Human Body is a Compound Physical Structure Built of Cells
  • Sec. 8. Human Body is a Complex Animal Machine
  • Sec. 9. Human Body is Constructed on a Definite and Specific Plan
  • Sec. 10. Human Body is Unique and Peculiar
  • Sec. 11. Force and Motion
  • Sec. 12. Intellect, Memory and Will-power are Necessary, When
  • Sec. 13. Spermatozoön
  • Sec. 14. Ovum
  • Sec. 15. Spermatozoön and Ovum are Special Creations
  • Sec. 16. Germ-Cell, Stem-Cell or Fertilized Ovum
  • Sec. 17. Germ-Cell Does Not Contain Any Skeleton, Model nor Performed Outline of the Coming Embryo
  • Sec. 18. Germ-Cell Has No Inherent Power to Evolve, Spontaneously and Automatically, the Body and Organs of the Embryo
  • Sec. 19. Reproduction, its Phenomena
  • Sec. 20. Spermatozoön, its Production
  • Sec. 21. Ovum, its Production
  • Sec. 22. Germ-Cell, its Production
  • Sec. 23. Daughter-Cells, Their Production
  • Sec. 24. Animals, Their Sizes are Determined, How?
  • Sec. 25. Distribution and Grouping of Cells in the Embryo Body
  • Sec. 26. Distribution and Grouping of Cells in the Embryo Body, Continued
  • Sec. 27. Differentiation (Metamorphosis) of Simple-Cells Into Bone-Cells, Muscle-Cells, Nerve-Cells, Vascular-Cells, Gland-Cells, Etc.
  • Sec. 28. Waste of Cells
  • Sec. 29. Embryo Body is Built up of Inanimate Atoms Except the Germ-Cell
  • Sec. 30. Embryo Body; Each is Produced Anew
  • Sec. 31. Heredity has no Power to Generate a New Human Being; nor to Evolve One from the Germ-Cell
  • Sec. 32. Nature has no Power to Generate a New Human Being; nor to Evolve one from the Germ-Cell
  • Sec. 33. Every Human Being is a New, Direct and Special Creation by Almighty God; this Question to be Determined, How
  • Sec. 34. Proposition 1. Animals and Plants First Appeared on the Earth at a Certain Time
  • Sec. 35. Proposition 2. First Animal and Plant were Either Specially Created; or Arose by Spontaneous Generation from Inorganic Matter
  • Sec. 36. Proposition 3. No Spontaneous Generation of Animals; nor of Plants
  • Sec. 37. Proposition 4. Creator Could Have Made a Million Animals or Plants as Well as One
  • Sec. 38. Proposition 5. If the Creator Made the First Animal and the First Plant He Made All Others
  • Sec. 39. Proposition 6. Human Body is Either Specially Created or Spontaneously Generated, Which?
  • Sec. 40. Proposition 7. Human Skeleton is a Special Creation
  • Sec. 41. Proposition 8. Each Human Eye is a New, Direct and Special Creation
  • Sec. 42. Proposition 9. Each Human Ear is a New, Direct and Special Creation
  • Sec. 43. Proposition 10. Each Human Brain is a New, Direct and Special Creation
  • Sec. 44. Proposition 11. The Sexual Organs of Each Individual are New, Direct and Special Creations
  • Sec. 45. Proposition 12. Form, Size, Structure and Position of the Several Organs and Parts of the Body and Their Number are Conclusive Evidence that Each Human Body is a New, Direct and Special Creation
  • Sec. 46. Proposition 13. Universal Sameness of all Human Bodies, is Conclusive Evidence that Each of Them was Directly and Specially Made by the Creator
  • Sec. 47. Proposition 14. Creator’s Supervision of the Development and Growth of the Embryo is Necessary to Produce the Human Body
  • Sec. 48. Proposition 15. Each Human Body is Specially Endowed with Life
  • Sec. 49. Proposition 16. Every Human Soul is a New, Direct and Special Creation
  • Sec. 50. Objection to this Theory of Special Creation
  • Index
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