In The Firing Line
Stories of the War By Land and Sea
Arthur St. John Adcock
In The Firing Line Stories of the War By Land and Sea
I The Baptism of Fire
II The Four Days’ Battle Near Mons
Letter 1.—From Sapper George Bryant, Royal Engineers, to his father, Mr. J. J. Bryant, of Fishponds:
Letter 2.—From Driver W. Moore, Royal Field Artillery, to the superintendent of the “Cornwall” training ship, of which Driver Moore is an “old boy” still under twenty:
Letter 3.—From Private G. Moody, to his parents at Beckenham:
Letter 4.—From a Lincolnshire Sergeant to his brother:
Letter 5.—From Private Levy, Royal Munster Fusiliers:
Letter 6.—From Sergeant A. J. Smith, 1st Lincolnshire Regiment:
Letter 7.—From Private J. R. Tait, of the 2nd Essex Regiment:
Letter 8.—From an Oldham Private to his wife at Waterhead:
Letter 9.—From a private of the 1st Lincolns to friends at Barton-on-Humber:
Letter 10.—From one of the 9th Lancers to friends at Alfreton:
Letter 11.—From a wounded Gordon Highlander to his father, Mr. Alexander Buchan, of Monymusk:
Letter 12.—From Private J. Willis, of the Gordon Highlanders:
Letter 13.—From Private G. Kay, of the 2nd Royal Scots, to his employer, a milkman, at Richmond:
Letter 14.—From Sergeant Taylor, of the R.H.A.:
Letter 15.—From Private J. Atkinson, of the Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment, to his wife at Leeds:
Letter 16.—From Private Robert Robertson, of the Argylls, to his parents at Musselburgh:
Letter 17.—From Private Whitaker, of the Coldstream Guards:
Letter 18.—From a private in the Coldstream Guards to his mother:
Letter 19.—From a wounded English Officer, in a Belgian hospital, to his mother:
Letter 20.—From W. Hawkins, of the 3rd Coldstream Guards:
Letter 21.—From Sergeant Griffiths, of the Welsh Regiment, to his parents at Swansea:
In Hospital.
In Hospital.
In Hospital.
In Hospital.
III The Destruction of Louvain
IV The Fight in the North Sea
Letter 22.—From Albert Roper, first-class petty officer of H.M. cruiser “Talbot,” to his brother at Leeds:
Letter 23.—From Seaman Wilson, of the “Bacchante,” to his wife at Hunslet:
Letter 24.—From a Welsh gunner on the “Arethusa”:
Letter 25.—From Gunner John Meekly, of Leeds:
Letter 26.—From Midshipman Hartley, of H.M. battle-cruiser “Lion,” to his parents at Burton-on-Trent:
Letter 27.—From a Scottish seaman (Published in “The Scotsman”):
Letter 28.—From a gun-room officer on H.M. battle-cruiser “Invincible,” to his parents at Hove:
Letter 29.—From a Bluejacket in the North Sea, to his friends at Jarrow:
Letter 30.—From Seaman-Gunner Brown, to his parents at Newport, Isle of Wight:
Letter 31.—From a man in a warship’s engine-room:
Letter 32.—From Seaman Jack Diggett, of West Bromwich, to his brother:
Letter 33.—From a seaman on H.M.S. “Hearty”:
Letter 34.—From a seaman on H.M. destroyer “Lurcher,” to a friend at Bradford:
Letter 35.—From a Naval Lieutenant to a friend:
Letter 36.—From a seaman on one of the British destroyers:
Letter 37.—From a seaman on H.M.S. “New Zealand” to his uncle in Halifax:
Letter 38.—From a seaman on board the flagship of the first destroyer squadron, to his friends at Wimbledon:
Letter 39.—Front leading telegraphist H. Francis, of Croydon:
Letter 40.—From Gunner T. White:
V From Mons to the Walls of Paris
Letter 41.—From Private Smiley, of the Gordon Highlanders, to his brother, Mr. G. A. Smiley, of Chepstow:
Letter 42.—From Corporal W. Leonard, of the Army Service Corps (a South African War reservist) to his mother at Huddersfield:
Letter 43.—From Corporal Edward Hood, to his father, at Taunton:
Letter 44.—From Private William Burgess, of the Royal Field Artillery, to his parents at Ilfracombe:
Letter 45.—From a Corporal in the King’s Royal Rifles, now at Woolwich Hospital:
Letter 46.—From Lieutenant O. P. Edgcumbe, of 1st Battalion D.C.L.I., to his father, Sir Robert Edgcumbe, Commandant at Newquay:
Letter 47.—From Private D. White:
Letter 48.—From Private Spain, of the 4th Guards Brigade (late police-constable at Newry):
Letter 49.—From Corporal Sam Moorhouse, of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, to his wife at Birkby:
Letter 50.—From Private E. W. Dyas, of the 11th Hussars, to his parents at Mountain Ash:
Letter 51.—From Lieut. Oswald Anne, of the Royal Artillery, to his father, Major Anne, of Burghwallis Hall:
Letter 52.—From a reservist in the Royal Field Artillery (Published in the “Glasgow Herald”):
Letter 53.—Front Trooper S. Cargill:
Letter 54.—Front an Irish soldier, to his sister in County Cork:
Letter 55.—From Private Carwardine, to the father of a comrade-in-arms:
Letter 56.—From Private G. Dunton, of the Royal Engineers, to his family at Coventry:
Letter 57.—From a Manchester soldier, in a French hospital:
Letter 58.—From Private A. McGillivray, a Highlander, to his mother:
Letter 59.—From Private W. Bell, of the South Lancashire Regiment, to his wife:
Letter 60.—From Corporal T. Trainor:
Letter 61.—From an Artilleryman, to his wife at Sheerness:
Letter 62.—From Lance-Corporal J. Preston, of the 2nd Battalion Inniskilling Fusiliers, to his wife at Banbridge:
Letter 63.—From a Corporal in the Motor Cycle Section of the Royal Engineers:
Letter 64.—From Corporal J. Bailey:
Letter 65.—From a Sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery:
Letter 66.—From Private J. Toal:
Letter 67.—From Private W. Green:
Letter 68.—From Private G. A. Turner, to his father, Mr. J. W. Turner, of Leeds (Published in the “Leeds Mercury”):
Letter 69.—From an Infantryman in hospital (Published in the “Aldershot News”):
Letter 70.—From Sapper H. Mugridge, R.E., to his mother at Uckfield:
Letter 71.—From Sapper H. Mugridge, R.E. (Second letter, published in the “Sussex Daily News”):
Letter 72.—From John Baker, of the Royal Flying Corps, to his parents at Boston, Lincolnshire:
Letter 73.—From Private G. Rider:
Letter 74.—From Private Martin O’Keefe, of the Royal Irish Rifles, to his friends at Belfast:
Letter 75.—From Sergeant W. Holmes:
Letter 76.—From Corporal J. Hammersley:
Letter 77.—From Lance-Corporal T. Williams:
Letter 78.—From a Non-commissioned Officer of Dragoons:
Letter 79.—From Private Tom Savage, to his relatives at Larne:
Letter 80.—From Mons. E. Hovelange, of Paris, written on August 30th, to Sir William Collins (Published in the “Sussex Daily News”):
Letter 81.—From a young officer who has been through the whole campaign, from the landing of the British at Boulogne:
VI The Spirit of Victory
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