Ballads of Bravery

Ballads of Bravery

By Various
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Ballads of Bravery.
  • “Curfew must not ring To-night.”
  • The Glove and the Lions.
  • A Young Hero.
  • The Beggar Maid.
  • Bunker Hill.
  • Fastening the Buckle.
  • Hervé Riel.
  • The Battle of Lexington.
  • The Brave at Home.
  • Kane: died February 16, 1857.
  • The Life-Boat.
  • The Red Jacket.
  • Othello’s Story of his Life.
  • The Blacksmith of Ragenbach.
  • Marmion and Douglas.
  • The Loss of the Hornet.
  • Man the Life-boat.
  • Sir Galahad.
  • King Canute and his Nobles.
  • Outward Bound.
  • The Brides of Venice.
  • The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers.
  • The Days of Chivalry.
  • The Song of the Camp.
  • The Recantation of Galileo.
  • Belshazzar.
  • Liberty.
  • The Fishermen.
  • Excelsior.
  • The Soldier.
  • John Maynard.
  • Excalibur.
  • The Death of Arthur.
  • A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea.
  • The Leap of Curtius.
  • The Ride from Ghent to Aix.
  • A Yarn.
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