First Aid in Science

First Aid in Science

By Robert Sulley
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Book Description

Achieve the best possible standard with this landmark book of practice and guidance.

First Aid in Science provides all the help and support needed for learning and practising Science. It offers a comprehensive guide to core topics using language that has been controlled for clarity and accessibility. It can be used in class, or as a reference and revision book.

- Develops a strong basis of understanding with core topics covered in clear and accessible language
- Improves student's ability to work through problems with plenty of practice exercises and revision tests
- Reflects its international readership with terms and information that are appropriate for students worldwide

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Book title
  • Contents
  • Living Things
    • 1 Life and Living Things
      • Life Processes
      • Classifying Living Things
    • 2 Plants
      • Parts of the Plant
      • Reproduction in Flowering Plants
    • 3 The Human Body
      • What are the Human Body Systems?
      • The Skeletal System and the Muscle System
      • The Circulatory System
      • The Respiratory System
      • The Digestive System
      • The Excretory System
      • The Reproductive System
    • 4 Nutrition and Health
      • Nutrition
      • Staying Healthy
  • Energy, Forces and Motion
    • 5 Forces
      • What Do Forces Do?
      • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
      • Air Resistance and Friction
      • Forces and Turning
      • Magnetism and Gravity
      • Measuring Force
    • 6 Energy
      • What is Energy?
      • Different Forms of Energy
      • Energy Changes
      • Energy From the Sun
      • Renewable and Non-renewable Sources of Energy
      • A Closer Look at Heat Energy
    • 7 Light and Sound
      • What is Light?
      • How Do We See Things?
      • Transparent, Translucent and Opaque
      • A Closer Look at Reflection
      • What is Refraction?
      • Light and Colour
      • Our Eyes
      • What is Sound?
      • Our Ears
    • 8 Electricity
      • Electric Current
      • Electric Circuits
      • Conductors and Insulators
      • Safety
  • The World Around Us
    • 9 Rocks, Minerals and Soil
      • Rocks
      • What Do We Use Rocks For?
      • Minerals
      • Soil
    • 10 Water and Air
      • Water
      • Water as a Solid, Liquid and Gas
      • The Water Cycle
      • Salt Water and Fresh Water
      • Water Pollution
      • Air
      • Air Pollution
    • 11 The Environment
      • The Environment and Habitats
      • Looking After the Environment
      • Food Chains
      • Endangered Species
    • 12 The Earth in Space
      • The Solar System
      • Day and Night
      • The Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
      • The Earth and the Moon
      • Beyond Our Solar System
      • Beyond Our Galaxy
  • Revision Tests
    • Revision Test 1
    • Revision Test 2
    • Revision Test 3
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