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Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills for PEP Maths Grade 4 : NSC Edition
Paul Broadbent
Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills for PEP Maths Grade 4 : NSC Edition
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Integrate problem solving and reasoning skills through everyday scenarios and strategies such as identifying patterns, comparing and contrasting, as well as hypothesizing to develop a solution-oriented approach to Maths.
- Provides scenarios and activities to develop each strand of the Grade 6 National Standard Curriculum for Maths
- Offers both teacher and parent support to assist introduction and exploration of each activity, including objectives and the problem solving and reasoning skills being developed
- Supports mixed abilities classroom with differentiated activities and a mastery approach
- Develops 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking through engaging activities

Book title
How to use this book
1 Hundreds and tens
2 Exploring numbers
3 Converting time
4 Shape and perimeter
5 Equivalent fractions
6 Exploring shapes
7 Multiplication and division facts
8 Comparing numbers
9 Money problems
10 Addition and subtraction
11 Lines of symmetry
12 Number sequences
13 Collecting and interpreting data
14 Shapes and lines
15 24-hour clocks
16 Digits and multiplication
17 Money calculations
18 Multiples
19 Coordinates and shapes
20 Fractions of amounts
21 Symmetrical patterns
22 Number patterns
23 Fractions and money
24 Factors
25 Area of shapes
26 Calculation problems
27 Finding different possibilities
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