Nationalism and Identity

Nationalism and Identity

By Stefano Harney
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Book Description
Table of Contents
    • Reading the Nation
    • Post-Colonial Theory
    • Theories of Nationalism
    • Caribbean Studies
    • Readings of Trinidad
    • Trinidad Imagined
    • Readings of the Caribbean
    • Reading Literary History
  • 1 Beyond Nationalism: Literary Nation-building in the Work of Earl Lovelace and Michael Anthony
    • Dilemmas of Literary Nationalism
    • Class Struggle and Anti-Colonial Struggle
    • The Struggle for the Trinidadian
    • The Independent Imagination in the Independent Nation
    • The Practice of Peoplehood
  • 2 Men Go Have Respect For All O' We: Valerie Belgrave's Invention of Trinidad
    • Inventing the Mixed Nation
    • The Metadiscourse of Race
    • The Counter-discourse of Class
    • History against Itself
    • Nationalism without Equality
    • Inventing the Rules of Class
    • Mistresses to the National Body
  • 3 Willi Chen and Carnival Nationalism in Trinidad
    • Chinese Text of Identity
    • Nation of Imagi-nations
    • An Indian Text of Identity
    • Nation as Street Theatre
    • Theories on Containing Chen
    • Chen's Carnival
  • 4 Samuel Selvon and the Chronopolitics of a Diasporic Nationalism
    • Selvon Rediscovered Discovering Trinidad
    • The Challenge of Trinidadian Identity
    • Challenging the Sociology of Race Relations in Britain
    • The Chronopolitics of Creolization
    • Predatory Creolization
  • 5 Neil Bissoondath and Migrant Liberation from the Nation
    • The Nation Abandoned
    • The Uninhabitable Text of the Nation
    • The Politics of Imagined History
    • Canada Re-imagined
  • 6 VS. Naipaul and the Pitfalls of Nationalism
    • Dissent in the Nationalist Project
    • The Janus Face of Nationalism
    • Reading Internal Oppression
    • Reading Revolutionary Grenada
    • Reading Naipaul as a Counter-revolutionary
    • Inventing the Nationless Cosmopolitan
    • The South–South Cosmopolitan
    • Nationalism as Dependency Theory
  • 7 C.L.R.James and Egalitarian Nationalism in the Caribbean
    • An Alternative Nationalist Project
    • Caribbean History Regained
    • 'The Supreme Artist'
    • James as National Artist
    • The Nationalist Project Begun
    • The Artist as Product of the People
    • The Nation as Product of the People
  • CONCLUSION: Mud Mas: Playing Identity
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • E
    • F
    • G
    • H
    • I
    • J
    • K
    • L
    • M
    • N
    • O
    • P
    • R
    • S
    • T
    • U
    • V
    • W
    • Y
    • Z
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