Adolphus, A Tale & The Slave Son

Adolphus, A Tale & The Slave Son

By Lise Winer
US$ 9.99
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Contributors
  • Introduction
    • The Historical Corpus
    • Trinidad’s Literary Roots
    • The Social Context of Trinidad
    • Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Frederick Douglass and The Slave Son
    • Mrs Wilkins and the Irish Question
    • Adolphus, The Slave Son and Literary Genres
    • Adolphus, The Slave Son and the Caribbean Literary Tradition
    • Notes on Editorial Procedures
  • Adolphus, A Tale
    • Contents
    • Adolphus, A Tale Preface
    • CHAPTER I. The Romelia Family
    • CHAPTER II. Antonia
    • CHAPTER III. Padre Gonzalvez
    • CHAPTER IV. Adolphus
    • CHAPTER V. A Night in Port of Spain, or Common Occurrences
    • CHAPTER VI. The White Mulatto
    • CHAPTER VII. Abduction
    • CHAPTER VIII. Agitated Minds
    • CHAPTER IX. Cudjoe
    • CHAPTER X. The Rescue — Death
    • CHAPTER XI. The Arrest
    • CHAPTER XII. The Voyage
    • CHAPTER XIII. Fortitude. — A Court of Justice
    • CHAPTER XIV. Venezuela
    • CHAPTER XV. The Letter
    • Annotations to Adolphus, A Tale
  • The Slave Son
    • Dedication
    • Contents
    • The Slave Son Introduction
    • CHAPTER I. A Short Review of the History of Trinidad
    • CHAPTER II. Lovers’ Quarrel
    • CHAPTER III. Laurine
    • CHAPTER IV. Discomfiture
    • CHAPTER V. A Rash Move
    • CHAPTER VI. The Slave Market
    • CHAPTER VII. Black Cattle Purchased
    • CHAPTER VIII. How Government Servants Do Their Duty in the Colonies
    • CHAPTER IX. Wrath and Retaliation
    • CHAPTER X. The Muster Roll
    • CHAPTER XI. Black Cattle Broken In
    • CHAPTER XII. The Obiah Priest
    • CHAPTER XIII. The Visit of an Enemy
    • CHAPTER XIV. Chasing Game
    • CHAPTER XV. A Peep at the Hospital
    • CHAPTER XVI. The Young African’s Story
    • CHAPTER XVII. Madelaine Shows That She Has HadMuch to Embitter Her Life
    • CHAPTER XVIII. Belfond’s Story
    • CHAPTER XIX. The Slave’s Burial
    • CHAPTER XX. Conversation in the Great House
    • CHAPTER XXI. Two Travellers of a Different Stamp
    • CHAPTER XXII. Reprieve
    • CHAPTER XXIII. Presentiment of Death
    • CHAPTER XXIV. All Up in Rebellion
    • CHAPTER XXV. Escape
    • CHAPTER XXVI. Conclusion
    • Annotations to The Slave Son
  • References
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