The University of the West Indies Press
The George Beckford Papers
George L. Beckford, Kari Levitt
The George Beckford Papers
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Part 1. Economic Planning, Agricultural Development, and Caribbean Regional Integration
1. The West Indian Banana Industry: The Scope for Rationalization and Regional Collaboration
2. Issues in the Windward-Jamaica Banana War
3. Crisis in the West Indian Banana Industry
4. Agricultural Organization and Planning in Cuba
5. A Caribbean View of Cuba
6. Planning in the Caribbean under Capitalism and Socialism
7. British Honduras and Regional Economic Integration
8. Intra-Caribbean Agricultural Trade
9. Land Reform for the Betterment of Caribbean Peoples
10. Agro 21 and the Future
Part 2. Towards anAppropriate Paradigm for Caribbean Development
11. The Growth of Major Tropical Export Crop Industries
12. Agricultural Development in 'Traditional' and 'Peasant' Economies: A Review Article
13. The Schultz "High Pay-off Input" Model
14. The Induced Development Model
15. Comparative Rural Systems, Development and Underdevelopment
16. Toward an Appropriate Theoretical Framework for Agricultural Development Planning and Policy
17. The Economics of Agricultural Resource Use and Development
18. Persistent Poverty: Possibilities for Change and Transformation
Part 3. Beyond Economics: Issues of Race, Class and Black Dispossession
19. Social Knowledge and Social Change in the Caribbean
20. The Plantation System and the Penetration of International Capitalism
21. Institutional Foundations of Resource Underdevelopment in the Caribbean
22. Plantations, Peasants and Proletariat in the West Indies
23. Emigration and Demographic Change
24. The Social Economy of Bauxite in the Jamaican Man-Space
25. Plantation Capitalism and Black Dispossession
26. The Future of Plantation Society in Comparative Perspective
27. Small Garden, Bitter Weed: A Postscript -- The IMF, Democratic Socialism and Zig-Zag Politics
Part 4. Black Affirmation, Cultural Sovereignty and Caribbean Self-reliance
28. Origins, Development and Future of the Jamaican Banana Industry
29. Education as an Instrument for Development
30. Black Man and Society: A Comment on the Black Writer in the New World
31. Sounds and Pressures of Black Survival*
32. Portrait of the Jamaican Male
33. Cultural Sovereignty and Economic Development
34. Sovereignty and Self-reliance: The Economic Implications
35 The Struggle for a Relevant Economics
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