Confronting Power, Theorizing Gender

Confronting Power, Theorizing Gender

By Eudine Barriteau
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  • Part I: Introduction
    • 1 Confronting Power, Theorizing Gender in the Commonwealth Caribbean
  • Part II: Epistemological Inquiries, Feminist Restlessness
    • 2 Theorizing the Shift from "Woman" to "Gender" in Caribbean Feminist Discourse: The Power Relations of Creating Knowledge
    • 3 Women and Difference in Caribbean Gender Theory: Notes towards a Strategic Universalist Feminism
    • 4 A Feminist's Oxymoron: Globally Gender-Conscious Development
  • Part III: Theorizing Historiography, Historicizing Gender and Sexuality
    • 5 A Symbiotic Visiting Relationship: Caribbean Feminist Historiography and Caribbean Feminist Theory
    • 6 "How Our Lives Would Be Affected by the Custom of Having Several Wives": The Intersection between African History and Gender Studies in the Caribbean
    • 7 Perfect Property: Enslaved Black Women in the Caribbean
    • 8 Theorizing Sexual Relations in the Caribbean: Prostitution and the Problem of the "Exotic"
  • Part IV: Gender, Genre and Cultural/Literary Discourse
    • 9 "What Have We to Celebrate?" Gender, Genre and Diaspora Identities in Two Popular Cultural Texts
    • 10 Feminist Literary Theories and Literary Discourse in Two George Lamming Texts
  • Part V: Gender and Power in the Public Domain: Feminist Theorizing of Citizenship
    • 11 Beyond the Bill of Rights: Sexing the Citizen
    • 12 Theorizing the Gendered Analysis of Work in the Commonwealth Caribbean
    • 13 Gender and Power in Contemporary Society: A Case-Study of Student Government
  • Part VI: Gender and Power in the Public Domain: Deconstructing Masculinity and Marginality
    • 14 Gender and the Elementary Teaching Service in Barbados, 1880–1960: A Re-examination of the Feminization and Marginalization of the Black Male Theses
    • 15 Requiem for the Male Marginalization Thesis in the Caribbean: Death of a Non-Theory
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