Interrogating Caribbean Masculinities: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses

Interrogating Caribbean Masculinities: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses

By Rhoda Reddock
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Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Interrogating Caribbean Masculinities: An Introduction
  • Part 1. Theorizing Caribbean Masculinities
    • 1. Masculinities in Transition: Gender and the Global Problematique
    • 2. Unmasking Masculinity and Deconstructing Patriarchy: Problems and Possibilities within Feminist Epistemology
    • 3. Power Games and Totalitarian Masculinity in the Dominican Republic
  • Part 2. Gender Socialization, Educational Performance and Peer Group Relations
    • 4. Boys of the Empire: Elite Education and the Construction of Hegemonic Masculinity in Barbados, 1875–1920
    • 5. Male Privileging and Male “Academic Underperformance” in Jamaica
    • 6. Masculinities, Myths and Educational Underachievement: Jamaica, Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines
    • 7. History, (Re)Memory, Testimony and Biomythography: Charting a Buller Man’s Trinidadian Past
  • Part 3. Class, Ethnicity, Nation and Notions of Masculinity
    • 8. Black Masculinity in Caribbean Slavery
    • 9. Caribbean Masculinity at the Fin de Siècle
    • 10. Globalization, Migration and the Shaping of Masculinity in Belize
  • Part 4. Popular Culture and Literary Images of Masculinity and Femininity
    • 11. Under Women’s Eyes: Literary Constructs of Afro-Caribbean Masculinity
    • 12. Calling All Dragons: The Crumbling of Caribbean Masculinity
    • 13. I Lawa: The Construction of Masculinity in Trinidad and Tobago Calypso
    • 14. Uniform and Weapon
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