Modern Political Culture in the Caribbean

Modern Political Culture in the Caribbean

By Holger Henke, Fred Reno
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction: Politics and Culture in the Caribbean
  • Part 1: Elements of Political Culture in the Caribbean
    • Chapter 1 Is There a New Political Culture in the Caribbean? Challenges and Opportunities
    • Chapter 2 "Racing" Caribbean Political Culture: Afrocentrism, Black Nationalism and Fanonism
    • Chapter 3 The Race-Class Problematic and the Caribbean Left
    • Chapter 4 Cultural Identity versus Political Identity in the French West Indies
  • Part 2: The Ab/Uses of History
    • Chapter 5 Freedom Ossified: Political Culture and the Public Use of History in Jamaica
    • Chapter 6 Presenting the Past: The Construction of National History in a Jamaican Tourist Site
    • Chapter 7 Icon and Myth in a Caribbean Polity: V.C. Bird and Antiguan Political Culture
    • Chapter 8 Imagined Communities: Articulating a Return to Mythical Homelands in the African and Indian Diasporas
  • Part 3: Civil Society and Changes in the Political and Economic Sphere
    • Chapter 9 Global Culture and the Politics of Moral Deregulation in Jamaica
    • Chapter 10 The Frontline: Valentino, Pablo Moses and Caribbean Organic Philosophy in the 1970s
    • Chapter 11 Cuba: Civil Society within Socialism - And Its Limits
    • Chapter 12 Fidel Castro's Heirs: Obstacles to and Perspectives on a New Political Culture in Cuba
  • Part 4: The Politics of Confrontation and Fragmentation
    • Chapter 13 Guyana's Dominant Political Culture: An Overview
    • Chapter 14 The Dutch Caribbean: Studies in the Fragmentation of a Political Culture
    • Chapter 15 Rethinking Democracy in the Post-Nationalist State: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago
    • Chapter 16 Democratic Transition and Authoritarianism: The Case of Haiti
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