A Complete History of Music
for Schools, Clubs, and Private Readings

A Complete History of Music for Schools, Clubs, and Private Readings

By W. J. Baltzell
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • LESSON I. Music of the Chinese, Japanese and Hindoos.
  • LESSON II. Music of the Babylonians, Egyptians and Hebrews.
  • LESSON III. Music of the Greeks: Scales.
  • LESSON IV. Music of the Greeks (Concluded).
  • LESSON V. Ecclesiastical System.
  • LESSON VI. Notation.
  • LESSON VII. Music Outside the Church.
  • LESSON VIII. The Causes of Polyphonic Development and the Importance of the Polyphonic Era.
  • LESSON IX. The Paris School.
  • LESSON X. The Gallo-Belgic School.
  • LESSON XI. The English School.
  • LESSON XII. The School of the Netherlands.
  • LESSON XIII. The Italian School.
  • LESSON XIV. Palestrina and His Influence on the Music of the Italian School. The Madrigal.
  • LESSON XV. Musical Instruments.
  • LESSON XVI. The Organ, Organ Playing and Organ Music.
  • LESSON XVII. The Beginning of the Opera.
  • LESSON XVIII. The Oratorio. Development of the Opera.
  • LESSON XIX. Alessandro Scarlatti and the Neapolitan School.
  • LESSON XX. Singing and Singers.
  • LESSON XXI. Opera in France and England.
  • LESSON XXII. The Opera in Germany. Handel and Gluck.
  • LESSON XXIII. Mozart to Rossini.
  • LESSON XXIV. The Oratorio.
  • LESSON XXV. The Evolution of the Pianoforte.
  • LESSON XXVI. The Early Italian Clavier Composers.
  • LESSON XXVII. The Early English and French Clavier Schools.
  • LESSON XXVIII. The German Polyphonic Clavier School.
  • LESSON XXIX. The German Sonata Composers, to Haydn.
  • LESSON XXX. Franz Joseph Haydn.
  • LESSON XXXI. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • LESSON XXXII. Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • LESSON XXXIII. Beethoven and the Sonata.
  • LESSON XXXIV. The Violin and its Makers.
  • LESSON XXXV. Violin Playing and Violin Music.
  • LESSON XXXVI. The Orchestra and Absolute Music.
  • LESSON XXXVII. The Romantic Opera. Weber, Spohr, Marschner.
  • LESSON XXXVIII. The French School of the XIXth Century.
  • LESSON XXXIX. The Italian School of the XIXth Century.
  • LESSON XL. Richard Wagner’s Music Dramas. Other Schools.
  • LESSON XLI. Piano Playing and Composition: Clementi to Field.
  • LESSON XLII. Franz Peter Schubert.
  • LESSON XLIII. Weber. Mendelssohn.
    • Mendelssohn.
  • LESSON XLIV. Robert Schumann.
  • LESSON XLV. Frederic Chopin.
  • LESSON XLVI. Franz Liszt.
  • LESSON XLVII. Pianists and Teachers Since Liszt. I.
    • Pupils of Liszt.
    • Russian Pianists.
    • French Pianists.
  • LESSON XLVIII. Pianists and Teachers Since Liszt. II.
    • American Pianists.
    • Women Pianists.
  • LESSON XLIX. The Art-Song. Oratorio after Mendelssohn.
  • LESSON L. The Symphonic Poem in Germany.
  • LESSON LI. German Opera Since Wagner.
  • LESSON LII. Old and New Schools in France.
  • LESSON LIII. Musical Regeneration in Italy.
  • LESSON LIV. England and the Netherlands.
  • LESSON LV. National Schools: Bohemia and Scandinavia.
  • LESSON LVI. The Russian School.
  • LESSON LVII. Music in the United States.
  • LESSON LVIII. American Composers: Works in Large Instrumental Forms.
  • LESSON LIX. American Composers: Vocal Forms; Piano and Organ.—Musical Literature.
  • LESSON LX. Musical Education.
  • INDEX.
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