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Business Opportunity Profile - Bee Farming
GlenMais Publications
Business Opportunity Profile - Bee Farming
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This book/manual offers:
 Professionally researched and written material
 Indigenous materials and context, based on the Jamaican economy
 Guidelines for investment and expected earnings
 Market demand
 Raw materials availability
 Available and appropriate technologies
 Equipment requirements
 Financing requirements
 Industry best practices in the different industries.

Table of Contents
Definition of Key Terms and Concepts
Definition of Key Terms and Concepts Cont’d
Executive Summary
4.1. Current Position of the
Industry globally
Demand for the Product/Service
4.2. The local Industry
4.3. Explanation of the demand/supply gap
5.1. International Market
Environmental Analysis
5.2. Local Market
5.3. Import & Export Trends
5.4. Production Trends
5.5. Opportunities & Strategies
6.1. Market Identification & Description
Market Analysis & Strategy
6.2. Proposed Product & Services
6.3. Target Market
7.1. Production
7.2. Location
7.3. Equipment & Supplies
7.4. Production Start-Up Cost
7.5. Reaping
7.6. Quality Control
7.7. Staffing Requirements
7.8. Reaping
7.9. Legal & Statutory Requirements
Investment & Financing
8.1. Production & Financial Assumptions
8.2. Projected Cash Flow
8.3. Profit and Loss Projection
Risk Analysis
10.1. Training
11.1. Understanding the Hive
11.2. Hive Production Techniques
11.3. Major Bee Pest and Diseases
11.4. Diagrams of the Bee & the Hive
11.5. Export of Bee Products
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