School Self-Evaluation: Towards a Model to Enhance School Leadership in Jamaica

School Self-Evaluation: Towards a Model to Enhance School Leadership in Jamaica

By Maurice D. Smith
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Book Description

School Self-Evaluation is the conclusion of a study designed to advance a model of school self-evaluation (SSE) which would improve leadership and address the decades-old opportunity gap between upgraded and traditional high schools in Jamaica.
Sixteen such schools with diverse characteristics (location, ownership, type and grade) were studied. This sequential explanatory mixed methods study included a survey of both performance standards in each institution and the competencies displayed by 48 administrators; semi-structured interviews with eight principals; and two focus group discussions. Quantitative and qualitative data were statistically and thematically analysed and their outcomes discussed individually and cumulatively.
The results revealed SSE’s positive impact vis-à-vis skills and competencies honed by administrators, but identified performance gaps between school types, and inconsistent implementation reflecting issues related to policy, provisions, processes and people.
The research outcomes advance several implications for the theory and practice of leadership development and the design and administration of school self-evaluation.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Section One: The Model in Theory
  • 1. The Historical Context
  • 2. Education Transformation in Jamaica
  • 3. Understanding the School as an Organization
  • 4. Exploring Leadership
  • 5. School Self-Evaluation
  • Section Two: The Model in Development
  • 6. Developing the Model
  • 7. Applying the Model: Lessons Learned
  • 8. The Model and its Implications
  • Section Three: The Model in Practice
  • 9. The Instrument
  • References
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