In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India

In Clive's Command A Story of the Fight for India

By Herbert Strang
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  • The Project Gutenberg eBook, In Clive's Command, by Herbert Strang
    • E-text prepared by Martin Robb
  • In Clive's Command
    • A Story of the Fight for India
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1: In which the Court Leet of Market Drayton entertains Colonel Robert Clive; and our hero makes an acquaintance.
    • Chapter 2: In which our hero overhears a conversation; and, meeting with the unexpected, is none the less surprised and offended.
    • Chapter 3: In which Mr. Marmaduke Diggle talks of the Golden East; and our hero interrupts an interview, and dreams dreams.
    • Chapter 4: In which blows are exchanged; and our hero, setting forth upon his travels, scents an adventure.
    • Chapter 5: In which Job Grinsell explains; and three visitors come by night to the Four Alls.
    • Chapter 6: In which the reader becomes acquainted with William Bulger and other sailor men; and our hero as a squire of dames acquits himself with credit.
    • Chapter 7: In which Colonel Clive suffers an unrecorded defeat; and our hero finds food for reflection.
    • Chapter 8: In which several weeks are supposed to elapse; and our hero is discovered in the Doldrums.
    • Chapter 9: In which the Good Intent makes a running fight: Mr. Toley makes a suggestion.
    • Chapter 10: In which our hero arrives in the Golden East, and Mr. Diggle presents him to a native prince.
    • Chapter 11: In which the Babu tells the story of King Vikramaditya; and the discerning reader may find more than appears on the surface.
    • Chapter 12: In which our hero is offered freedom at the price of honor; and Mr. Diggle finds that others can quote Latin on occasion.
    • Chapter 13: In which Mr. Diggle illustrates his argument; and there are strange doings in Gheria harbor.
    • Chapter 14: In which seven bold men light a big bonfire; and the Pirate finds our hero a bad bargain.
    • Chapter 15: In which our hero weathers a storm; and prepares for squalls.
    • Chapter 16: In which a mutiny is quelled in a minute; and our Babu proves himself a man of war.
    • Chapter 17: In which our hero finds himself among friends; and Colonel Clive prepares to astonish Angria.
    • Chapter 18: In which Angria is astonished; and our hero begins to pay off old scores.
    • Chapter 19: In which the scene changes; the dramatis personae remaining the same.
    • Chapter 20: In which there are recognitions and explanations; and our hero meets one Coja Solomon, of Cossimbazar.
    • Chapter 21: In which Coja Solomon finds dishonesty the worse policy; and a journey down the Hugli little to his liking.
    • Chapter 22: In which is given a full, true, and particular account of the Battle of the Carts.
    • Chapter 23: In which there are many moving events; and our hero finds himself a cadet of John Company.
    • Chapter 24: In which the danger of judging by appearance is notably exemplified.
    • Chapter 25: In which our hero embarks on a hazardous mission; and Monsieur Sinfray's khansaman makes a confession.
    • Chapter 26: In which presence of mind is shown to be next best to absence of body.
    • Chapter 27: In which an officer of the Nawab disappears; and Bulger reappears.
    • Chapter 28: In which Captain Barker has cause to rue the day when he met Mr. Diggle; and our hero continues to wipe off old scores.
    • Chapter 29: In which our hero does not win the Battle of Plassey: but, where all do well, gains as much glory as the rest.
    • Chapter 30: In which Coja Solomon reappears: and gives our hero valuable information.
    • Chapter 31: In which friends meet, and part: and our hero hints a proposal.
    • Chapter 32: In which the curtain falls to the sound of wedding bells: and our hero comes to his own.
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