The Historical Evidence for the Virgin Birth

The Historical Evidence for the Virgin Birth

By Vincent Taylor
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Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Chapter I. The Virgin Birth And The New Testament Outside The First And Third Gospels
    • I. St. Paul
    • II. Q
    • III. St. Mark's Gospel
    • IV. Acts
    • V. The Epistle to the Hebrews
    • VI. The Fourth Gospel
    • VII. The Pastoral and the Catholic Epistles and the Apocalypse
    • VIII. Summary
  • Chapter II. The Virgin Birth And The Third Gospel
    • I. Narratives and Passages Said to be Inconsistent With the View
      • (a) Lk. iii. 22, according to the “Western Text”
      • (b) The Lukan Genealogy and Lk. iii. 23
      • (c) The Narratives of Lk. ii
      • (d) The References to Joseph and Mary in Lk. ii
      • (e) Lk. ii. 5
    • II. The Passage Lk. i. 34 f
      • (a) The Interpretation of Lk. i. 34 f
      • (b) The Purport of the Angelic Announcement in Lk. i. 30-3
      • (c) Reasons for regarding Lk. i. 34 f. as a Later Insertion
    • III. Summary and Conclusion
  • Chapter III. St. Luke and the Virgin Birth
    • I. Lk. i. 34 f. and the Textual Question
    • II. Linguistic and Stylistic Examination of Lk. i. 34 f
      • a.
      • b.
      • c.
    • III. Summary and Conclusion
  • Chapter IV. The Place Of The Virgin Birth In The Third Gospel
    • I. A Suggested Theory
    • II. Literary Conditions Under Which the Gospels Were Written
    • III. The Objections to Which the Above Theory is Exposed
    • IV. Certain Consequences
  • Chapter V. The Virgin Birth And The First Gospel
    • I. The Characteristics of the Genealogy
    • II. The Genuineness of Mt. i, ii
    • III. The Unity of Mt. i, ii
      • 1. The Genealogy
      • 2. The Passage Mt. i. 18-25
    • IV. Implications, Sources, and Results
    • Appendix To Chapter V. The Textual Problem of Mt. i. 16
      • I.
      • II.
      • III.
      • IV.
  • Chapter VI. The Historical Question: Its Limits And Bearings
    • I. The Virgin Birth in the First and Third Gospels
    • II. The Date of the Gospels in Relation to the Virgin Birth Tradition
    • III. The Relation of the Question of the Historical Value of the Gospels to the Problem
    • IV. The Question of Alternative Theories
    • V. Doctrinal Considerations
  • Index
  • Footnotes
  • Credits
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