Beyond Calypso: Re-reading SAMUEL SELVON

Beyond Calypso: Re-reading SAMUEL SELVON

By Malachi Mcintosh
US$ 9.99
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Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • On Re-reading Sam Selvon and “Beyond”
  • Malachi McIntosh
  • Chapter One: The Other Selvons
  • Chapter Two: A Brighter Sun:
  • “I Still Want to See How the Story Unfolds” – Conversations with a Novel
  • Vahni Capildeo
  • Chapter Three: A Man Who Knows His Capabilities and His Limitations is Benign to Papa Bois: On Omniscience, Autonomy and Paternal Authority in Turn Again Tiger and Those Who Eat the Cascadura
  • Lewis MacLeod
  • Chapter Four: The Island and the World: Kinship, Friendship and Living Together in Selected Writings of Sam Selvon
  • Alison Donnell
  • Chapter Five: Three into One Can Go?
  • Creolizing Narrations of “East Indian Trinidadian West Indians” in Selvon, Lovelace and Motoo
  • Denise deCaires Narain
  • Chapter Six: Symptoms of a Malaise: Diagnosing Post-War Caribbean Identity in An Island is a World and I Hear Thunder
  • Lorna Burns
  • Chapter Seven: Racialized Femininities in Samuel Selvon’s Trinidad Novels
  • Kate Houlden
  • Chapter Eight: Cascadura Lovesongs: Displacing Indo-, Afro- and Other-centricities in Selvon’s Romance
  • J. Vijay Maharaj
  • Chapter Nine: “English Brother or Not”:
  • British State-National Critiques and the Moment of Pressure
  • Joseph Jackson
  • Chapter Ten: “Playing Mas Isn’t Playing the Ass”: Moses Migrating as “Farce en Noir”
  • Malachi McIntosh
  • Afterword: Continuing to Defy Categories: Unusual Encounters with Samuel Selvon
  • Contributors
  • Bibliography
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