Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS)
Asset Class Mastery
Wayne Walker
Business & Money
Asset Class Mastery
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This unique book is an intensive combination of three asset classes, forex, futures, and cryptocurrencies. You begin in the world of currencies, travel to commodities and ending in cryptocurrencies. As with all of Wayne's books, the emphasis is on practical applications with a personal touch. The results from past students and readers confirms their effectiveness.

The book includes the following and much more!

Step-by-step guide to understanding from beginner forex into advanced technical analysis indicators
Strategic trading tactics
Beginner to advanced commodities trading strategies
Using crops and energy sector seasonality to your advantage
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Tactics
Trader psychology (bonus chapter)
Using multiple time frames
Selecting the correct trading partner

This is a combination of: Tested Forex Strategies, Futures Trading Strategies, and Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies.

Table of Contents
Asset Class Mastery Maximize Profits From Forex, Futures, and Cryptos
Chapter 1: What is Forex?
Chapter 2: 3 Way Orders
Chapter 3: Trading Tactics
Chapter 4: Selecting a Trading Partner
Chapter 5: Introduction to Advanced Technical Analysis For Forex
Chapter 6: Charting Essentials
Chapter 7: Technical Indicators
Chapter 8: Oscillating Indicators
Chapter 9: Reversal Patterns
Chapter 10: Using Multiple Time Frames
Chapter 11: High-Probability Trade Setup
Chapter 12: Intermarket Relationships
Chapter 13: Fundamental Analysis Essentials
Chapter 14: Trading Psychology
Chapter 15: Futures Trading Strategies
Chapter 16: Futures Overview
Chapter 17: Commodity Futures
Chapter 18: Contracts Dates, Exchanges and Margins
Chapter 19: Commodity Suppliers
Chapter 20: Seasonality and the Futures Market
Chapter 21: Intermarket Analysis
Chapter 22: Spread Strategies
Chapter 23: Diversification
Chapter 24: Exchange Traded Funds
Chapter 25: The Guide to Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 26: What is Bitcoin (BTC)?
Chapter 27: The Mechanics of Bitcoin
Chapter 28: Bitcoin Mining
Chapter 29: Bitcoin Community and Politics
Chapter 30: Regulations
Chapter 31: Bitcoin and Altcoins Trading
Chapter 32: What to Expect in The Near Future
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