The Cryptocurrency - Blockchain Connection

The Cryptocurrency - Blockchain Connection

By Wayne Walker
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Book Description

This special book is a real world combination of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. You begin with a precise blueprint of how to assemble a winning crypto portfolio. Then you continue on to expand your knowledge by entering the world of blockchains beyond cryptocurrencies.

The official book of the 2018 Nordic Trading Competition at the Nasdaq OMX Exchange

The book includes the following and much more!

Intensive and rapid guide to understanding the connection between cryptos and the blockchain
How to assemble and execute a crypto portfolio like a pro
Using crypto exchanges insider info to your advantage
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading tactics
How blockchain can be applied in your world
Smart contracts

This is a combination of: The Next Level Of Cryptocurrency Investing and Blockchain: Real-World Applications And Understanding

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • The Cryptocurrency - Blockchain Connection
  • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Cryptocurrencies (besides Bitcoin): What Do They Do?
    • Chapter 2: After All the hype What Should You Really Have in Your Crypto Portfolio?
    • Chapter 3: Take Your Crypto Portfolio Diversification to the Next Level
    • Chapter 4: Traps to Avoid When Making the Transition From Forex to Cryptocurrency Trading
    • Chapter 5: Crypto Exchanges: Front-running and Pricing
    • Chapter 6: Security for Your Account
    • Chapter 7: The New World of Government-Backed Cryptocurrencies
    • Chapter 8: What to Expect with Cryptocurrencies in the Near Future
    • Chapter 9: Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading
    • Chapter 10: Trading Tactics
    • Chapter 11: Putting It All Together
    • Chapter 12: Your Next Steps
  • Introduction to Blockchain
    • Chapter 13: What is Blockchain?
    • Chapter 14: Do You Need Blockchain?
    • Chapter 15: Investment in Blockchain by Sectors
    • Chapter 16: Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
    • Chapter 17: Smart Contracts
    • Chapter 18: Smart Contracts: The “Undo” Rule
    • Chapter 19: What is an ICO?
    • Chapter 20: Token Evolution
    • Chapter 21: ICO Ratings, Can You Trust Them?
    • Chapter 22: What is Next for Blockchains?
    • Chapter 23: Blockchain First Aid Kit
  • Conclusion
  • Profile of the Author
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