Night Operations For Infantry
Compiled for the Use of Company Officers

Night Operations For Infantry Compiled for the Use of Company Officers

By Charles Tyrwhitt Dawkins
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I. The Importance of Careful Training in Night Operations.
  • CHAPTER II. Elementary Instruction.
    • Training of Vision.
    • Training of Hearing.
    • Finding Bearings.
    • Moving in the Dark.
    • General.
  • CHAPTER III. General Remarks on Night Operations.
    • Definitions.
    • Importance of Careful Preparation.
    • Plan of Operations.
    • The Framing of Orders for Night Operations.
    • Protection During Operations.
    • Maintenance of Connection.
    • Rifle Fire in Night Attacks.
    • Caution Necessary in Planning Night Operations, but Resolution Essential in their Execution.
    • Defence Against Night Attacks.
    • Passive Defence Useless.
  • CHAPTER IV. Training a Company for Offensive Action.
    • Instruction in Reconnaissance.
    • Night Marches.
    • Night Advances and Night Attacks.
    • Guiding Troops Across Country at Night.
    • The Assault.
    • Training for Defensive Action.
    • Outposts.
    • Position of Piquets at Night.
    • Readiness for Action.
    • Cover for Groups.
    • Marking of Route to and from Piquets.
    • Sentries Challenging.
    • Sentries Firing.
    • Action of Outposts in a Night Attack.
  • CHAPTER V. Miscellaneous.
    • Training and Employment of Scouts.
    • Searchlights in Attack and in Defence.
    • Flares, etc.
    • Hand Grenades.
    • Luminous Discs.
    • Pocket Electric Lamps.
    • Connecting Ropes.
    • Passing Fences.
    • Entrenching by Night.
    • Wire Entanglements.
    • Halts at Night.
    • Recognition of Friends at Night.
    • Knowledge of the Moon and Stars.
    • Constant Practice the only Means of Acquiring Knowledge.
    • Conclusion.
  • Transcriber’s Note
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