Indian Fights and Fighters:
The Soldier and the Sioux

Indian Fights and Fighters: The Soldier and the Sioux

By Cyrus Townsend Brady
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Indian Fights and Fighters THE SOLDIER AND THE SIOUX
  • Part I Protecting the Frontier
    • CHAPTER ONE The Powder River Expedition
      • I. The Field and the Fighters
      • II. General Carrington’s Romantic Expedition
      • III. The Outpost of Civilization
    • CHAPTER TWO The Tragedy of Fort Phil Kearney
      • I. How the Fighting Began
      • II. The Annihilation of Fetterman’s Command
      • III. Carrington’s Stern Resolution
      • IV. The Reward of a Brave Soldier
    • CHAPTER THREE The Thirty-two Against the Three Thousand
      • I. The Improvised Corral on Piney Island
      • II. The Wild Charge of the Sioux
      • III. Red Cloud’s Baptism of Fire
      • IV. After the Battle. The Scout’s Story
      • Note
    • CHAPTER FOUR Personal Reminiscences of Fort Phil Kearney and the Wagon-Box Fight
    • CHAPTER FIVE Forsyth and the Rough Riders of ’68
      • I. The Original “Rough Riders.”
      • II. The Island of Death
      • III. The Charge of the Five Hundred
      • IV. The Siege of the Island
    • CHAPTER SIX The Journey of the Scouts and the Rescue of Forsyth
      • I. The Adventures of the Scouts
      • II. The Rescue of Forsyth
      • III. The End of Roman Nose
      • IV. A Few Words About Forsyth’s Men
    • CHAPTER SEVEN A Scout’s Story of the Defense of Beecher’s Island
    • CHAPTER EIGHT Carpenter and His “Brunettes.”[39] The Fight on Beaver Creek
    • CHAPTER NINE A Further Discussion of the Beaver Creek Affair
      • I. General Carr’s Account
      • II. General Carpenter’s Reply
    • CHAPTER TEN The Battle of the Washita
      • I. Custer and the Famous Seventh Cavalry
      • II. The March in the Blizzard
      • III. The Trail in the Snow
      • IV. The Attack in the Morning
      • V. The Fate of Elliott and his Men
    • CHAPTER ELEVEN Carr and Tall Bull at Summit Springs
      • I. A Brilliant Little Fight
      • II. Account of the Battle of Summit Springs
  • Part II The War With the Sioux
    • CHAPTER ONE With Crook’s Advance
      • I. The Cause of the Fighting
      • II. Reynolds’ Abortive Attempt
      • III. The March to the Tongue River
      • IV. The Flying Column
      • V. The Battle of the Rosebud
      • VI. Mills’ Advance down the Cañon
    • CHAPTER TWO Ex-Trooper Towne on the Rosebud Fight
    • CHAPTER THREE The Grievance of Rain-in-the-Face
      • I. The Yellowstone Expedition of 1873
      • II. The Capture of Rain-in-the-Face
    • CHAPTER FOUR The Little Big Horn Campaign
      • I. Custer Loses His Command
      • II. Did Custer Obey His Orders?
      • III. Custer’s Expedition
    • CHAPTER FIVE The Last of Custer
      • I. Reno’s Failure at the Little Big Horn
      • II. With Benteen’s Battalion
      • III. The Battle on the Bluffs
      • IV. The Last of Custer
      • V. After the Battle
    • CHAPTER SIX One of the Last Men to See Custer Alive
    • CHAPTER SEVEN The Personal Story of Rain-in-the-Face
    • CHAPTER EIGHT Two Interesting Affairs
      • I. The Fight on the War Bonnet
      • II. The Sibley Scout
    • CHAPTER NINE The First Success
      • I. Crook and Mills at Slim Buttes
      • II. The Death of American Horse
    • CHAPTER TEN A Decisive Blow
      • I. Mackenzie’s Winter Battle
      • II. The Sufferings of the Cheyennes
    • CHAPTER ELEVEN Miles’ Great Campaigning
      • I. Miles and His Foot Cavalry Defeat Sitting Bull
      • II. Miles’ Crushing Defeat of Crazy Horse at Wolf Mountain
      • III. The Capture of Lame Deer’s Village
      • IV. Farewell to a Great Chief and His Hopes
    • CHAPTER TWELVE What They Are There For A Sketch of General Guy V. Henry, a Typical American Soldier
      • I. Savage Warfare
      • II. A March in a Blizzard
      • III. A Ghastly Experience
      • IV. An Army Wife
      • V. The Buffalos and Their Famous Ride
    • APPENDIX A. Being a Further Discussion of General Custer’s Course in the Little Big Horn Campaign.[112]
      • I.
      • II.
      • III.
      • IV.
      • V.
      • VI.
    • APPENDIX B Further Light on the Conduct of Major Reno
      • Why General Custer Perished
      • II.
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