Miller's Mind Training for Children, Book 2 of 3
A Practical Training for Successful Living; Educational
Games That Train the Senses

Miller's Mind Training for Children, Book 2 of 3 A Practical Training for Successful Living; Educational Games That Train the Senses

By William Emer Miller
Book Description
Table of Contents
    • Memory Most Valuable Faculty
    • The Strongest Sense Is Sight
    • Visual Impressions Most Accurate
    • Nature's Special Memory Endowment
    • A Memory Picture
    • The Visual Impression Strengthened
    • The First Aid—Exaggeration
    • Others Make You Remember
    • The Second Aid—Motion
    • Third Aid—Unusual Associations
    • Value of Improved Imagination
    • Practice Makes Perfect
    • First Picture Association
    • Add Flowers to the List
    • Flowers and Circus
    • Circus and Soldier
    • Soldier and Church
    • Church and Rocks
    • Rocks and Auto
    • Auto and Shoes
    • Shoes and Dishes
    • Two Mental Operations
    • Add to Your List
    • Dishes and Wagon
    • Wagon and Table
    • Table and Carpet
    • Carpet and Fence Fence and Bread
    • Bread and Walk. Walk and Lamp. Lamp and School. School and Stove. Stove and Piano.
    • You Can Reverse the Process
    • Three Steps Necessary
    • Sharpen the Tools
    • Continue the Memory Pictures
    • Have Learned Forty Words
    • Be Gratified But Not Satisfied
    • List for Memory Exercise
    • To Develop Definite Pictures
    • Exercise for definite Visualization
    • Animal Lists
    • Memory Exercise
    • Memory Exercise
    • The Law of Association
    • Reminder Pictures
    • Forming a Health Habit
    • Beware of Procrastination
    • Attention and Memory
    • The Child's Code List
    • Child's Code List
    • The Game of Code
    • Remembering Errands
    • The Visual Result
    • Another Practical Application
    • Errands for Practice
    • Always Be Systematic
    • Applications Are Limitless
    • Important Points to be Followed
    • Value of Forgetting
    • Alphabetical Hitching Posts
    • Alphabetical Hitching Posts
    • Filing Abstract Ideas
    • Reminder Pictures
    • Thought the Desired Result
    • Thinking by Pictures
    • Uses of Hitching Posts
    • Speaking Without Notes
    • Originality and Effort
    • The Mind's Eye and the Story
    • The Game of Story Telling
    • Two Results of Visualization
    • Learning Poetry and Prose
    • The Land of Story Books
    • The Hare and the Tortoise
    • Somebody's Mother
    • To Preserve Early Memories
    • Familiar Numbers Helpful
    • Analyze Numbers
    • The Number Code
    • Acquaint Yourself With the Code
    • A, E, I, O, U and W, H, Y Are Valueless
    • Forming Number Words
    • Additional Letters
    • The Complete Code
    • Letters and Sounds Seldom Used
    • Silent Letters Have No Figure Value
    • Double Letters Are Sounded as One
    • Number Value of Code Words
    • The Game of Number Code
    • The Number Game
    • The Game of Solitaire
    • Another Game of Solitaire
    • Code Words and Number Values
    • All Hitching Posts Numbered
    • Forming Larger Number Words
    • Further Practice in Word Forming
    • Adjectives as Helps
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Telephone Exchanges
    • Remembering Addresses
    • Remembering Fractions
    • Remembering Department Numbers
    • Remembering Color Numbers
    • The Game of Memory Demonstration
    • A practice demonstration:
    • A Number Demonstration
    • To Remember Names
    • The Name Picture
    • Association Next Important Step
    • To Remember Mr. King
    • Associating Name and Face Pictures
    • Obtain a Meaning by Change
    • Meaning in First Syllable
    • Meaning of Vocations
    • Other examples:
    • Familiar Name Pictures
    • Geographical Name Pictures
    • Advertised Name Pictures
    • Names Suggest Familiar Faces
    • Historically Known Faces
    • Other Well-Known Faces
    • Make Use of Your Friends' Names
    • Observe the Facial Appearance
    • Other Helpful Associations
    • Vocational Hints
    • The Thought Channels
    • Review Is Essential
    • Methodical Review Best
    • A Review Test
    • Good Observation Necessary
    • Systematic Observation of Faces
    • The Game of Faces
    • Progress by Practice
    • The Name Game
    • The Game for Quick Naming
    • The Game of Introductions
    • Suggestions to Travelers
    • Same Principles Involved
    • Remembering the Initial
    • Make Initials Into Words
    • Both Initials In One Word
    • The Price Must Be Paid
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