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SCOLIOSIS and ME: An Autobiography
Joy Fairclough, editors Dr Alisha Robb-Allen, Maureen Fairclough-Watson (M.A. Counselling Psychology, BSc. Social Work) Deseree Whittle (MPhil, M.Div.) Jean B. Lee, (D.Min) Pamela Hall (Singer, Composer), Alvin Campbell (B.A. English)
Biographies & Memoirs
SCOLIOSIS and ME: An Autobiography
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I decided it was time to write this book. After many years of nerve pains and difficulty in finding consistently paying work, with many medical and other bills piling up, and struggling each day to settle my body and my life, this is a needed book. I decided to share how I have been overcoming these daily struggles.
I also felt it necessary to share with the public the thoughts and mind-set of a physically challenged person. To write about the challenges that persons face with being misunderstood as they cannot always express in words the thoughts and feelings they experience.
Not many opportunities are made available in life in general for physically challenged persons, especially when one is not able to afford the numerous payments which would allow you to go forward, while concurrently having the challenge of keeping up with medical bills. It seemed for many years that the best way forward was to not stand out in any obvious way.
My hope is that all healthy persons will find the love and care to share with all persons in need. My hope is that all who are struggling will find hope and a way forward while reading this book.

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