National Heroes of Jamaica Book III: Marcus Garvey
National Heroes of Jamaica Book III: Marcus Garvey
By Arnold Bertram
Book Description

“This series presents the life stories and works of Jamaica’ s National Heroes in new, exciting and engaging ways. The narratives bring to life the heroes and their exploits, highlighting their perseverance and pursuit of excellence in spite of their vulnerabilities, imperfections and varied social backgrounds. The stories underline the panoply of emotions and experiences which comprise the human condition—making them relatable to all readers—but which also emphasise the ultimate triumph of virtue.”

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction to the Series
  • The Order of National Hero
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I The Early Years
  • Chapter II The Apprenticeship
  • Chapter III The Founding of the Universal Negro Improvement Association
  • Chapter IV Starting All Over Again
  • Chapter V The Climb to the Top
  • Chapter VI Garvey Faces Persecution and Harassment
  • Chapter VII Garvey Returns to Jamaica
  • Chapter VIII The Birth of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP)
  • Chapter IX Garvey’s Cultural Movement
  • Chapter X Garveyism and the Rastafarian Movement
  • Chapter XI Garvey’s Last Year
  • Chapter XII Coming in From the Cold
  • Chapter XIII Remember Marcus Garvey
  • Chapter XIV The Struggle Continues
  • Back Cover
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