Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Handbook

Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Handbook

By Alison Primrose
US$ 10.49
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Book Description

This is Bond's ultimate guide to passing the Verbal Reasoning 11+ exam. Now in two-colour, with examples in feature panels, helpful hint boxes and simple explanations and tips for tackling topics and question types, it can be used with the free practice area on the Bond Online website to support and consolidate students' exam skills.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
    • What is an 11+ verbal reasoning exam?
  • Sorting words
    • 1 Identify groups of words
    • 2 Sort words into categories
    • 3 Pair up words
    • 4 Find words that do not belong
    • 5 Find words that are the most similar
    • 6 Find words that are the most opposite
    • 7 Find synonyms and antonyms
    • 8 Find words that have letters in common
  • Selecting words
    • 9 Combine two words to make new words
    • 10 Choose pairs of opposites
    • 11 Finish one word and begin the next
    • 12 Find a prefix for a set of words
    • 13 Add the missing letters to make a word most similar to a given word
    • 14 Add the missing letters to make a word most opposite to a given word
    • 15 Make new words by adding or removing letters
    • 16 Change letters to make new words
    • 17 Select the best words to make a complete sentence
    • 18 Find a connection to complete a sentence or word pair
  • Anagrams
    • 19 Rearrange letters to make a word
    • 20 Rearrange a sentence to make sense of it
    • 21 Rearrange words to find a superfluous word
    • 22 Use a rule to create new words
    • 23 Complete crosswords
    • 24 Apply alphabetical order
    • 25 Find a word hidden in a sentence
    • 26 Find a small word in a larger word
    • 27 Find the three missing letters that complete a word
    • 28 Find the missing letters to complete words in a paragraph
    • 29 Select the missing short phrase from a sentence
  • Coded sequences and logic
    • 20 Work out letter and number sequences
    • 31 Code and decode words using numbers, letters and symbols
    • 32 Make deductions from given information
    • 33 Apply number logic
  • Everyday practice
    • Games and activities
    • Top ten everyday activities
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