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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): America 1920-1973: Opportunity and Inequality Revision Guide
Aaron Wilkes
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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): America 1920-1973: Opportunity and Inequality Revision Guide
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This America 19201973: Opportunity and Inequality Revision Guide Kindle edition is part of the popular Oxford AQA GCSE History series. Written by our original author team to match the new AQA specification, this guide covers exactly what your students require to succeed in the Paper 1 American Period Study exams.

- Recap key events with clear visual diagrams and brief points

- Apply knowledge with targeted revision activities that tests basic comprehension, then apply understanding towards exam-style questions

- Review and track revision with progress checklists, suggested activity answers and Exam Practice sections

- Step-by-step exam guidance based on the popular 'How to' student book feature

- Examiner Tip features most up-to-date expert advice and identifies common exam mistakes

- Boost student confidence on all AQA GCSE America question types with revision activities such as Interpretation Analysis and Bullet Points

- Perfect for use alongside the Student Book and Kerboodle, or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision.

This revision guide helps your students Recap, Apply, and Review their way towards exam success.

Introduction to this Revision Guide
Top revision tips
Master your exam skills
How to master the ‘interpretation’ questions
How to master the ‘describe’ question
How to master the ‘in what ways’ question
How to master the ‘bullet points’ question
AQA GCSE mark schemes
America 1920–1973 Timeline
Part one: American people and the ‘Boom’
1 The ‘Boom’
American politics and society
The economic ‘boom’
Henry Ford and the motor industry, Stock market boom
The inequalities of wealth in the 1920s
4 American society during the Depression
The Wall Street Crash
The impact of the Great Depression on people’s lives
The 1932 presidential election
7 Post-war American society and economy
The ‘American Dream’, Truman’s ‘Fair Deal’
The Rock and Roll generation
The growing fear of communism, McCarthyism
2 Social and cultural developments in 1920s America
The Roaring Twenties
The position of women in society
3 Divided society
Prohibition, Organised crime
Immigration, The impact of immigration, The immigrant experience
Racial tension
Rising fear of immigrants, The ‘Palmer Raids’ and the ‘Red Scare’, The case of Sacco and Vanzetti
Part two: Bust – Americans’ experiences of the Depression and the New Deal
5 The effectiveness of the New Deal
The New Deal
The effectiveness of the New Deal
The end of the New Deal, Popular culture in 1930s America
6 The impact of the Second World War
From isolationism to world war
Part three: Post-war America
8 Racial tension and developments in the civil rights campaigns
The Civil Rights Movement
A new Civil Rights law, Developments in the Civil Rights Movement
Malcom X and the Black Power Movement
9 America and the ‘Great Society’
President Kennedy’s ‘New Frontier’
President Johnson’s ‘Great Society’
The fight for equality, Feminist groups
Exam practice: GCSE sample answers
Activity answers guidance
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