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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): Power and the People c1170Present Day Revision Guide
Aaron Wilkes, Lindsay Bruce
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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): Power and the People c1170Present Day Revision Guide
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This Power and the People c1170Present Day Revision Guide Kindle edition is part of the popular Oxford AQA GCSE History series. Written by our original author team to match the new AQA specification, this guide covers exactly what your students require to succeed in the Paper 2 Power Thematic Study exams.
- Recap key events with clear visual diagrams and brief points
- Apply knowledge with targeted revision activities that tests basic comprehension, then apply understanding towards exam-style questions
- Review and track revision with progress checklists, suggested activity answers and Exam Practice sections
- Step-by-step exam guidance based on the popular 'How to' student book feature
- Examiner Tip features most up-to-date expert advice and identifies common exam mistakes
- Boost student confidence on all AQA GCSE Power question types with revision activities such as Source Analysis and Significance
- Perfect for use alongside the Student Book and Kerboodle, or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision.
This revision guide helps your students Recap, Apply, and Review their way towards exam success.

Introduction to this Revision Guide
Top revision tips
Master your exam skills
How to master the ‘source’ question
How to master the ‘significance’ question
How to master the ‘compare’ question
How to master the ‘main factors’ question
AQA GCSE History mark schemes
Britain: Power and the People c1170–Present Day Timeline
Part one: Challenging authority and feudalism
1 Constraints on kingship
Medieval society
Barons’ dissatisfaction
Magna Carta and its impact
4 Popular uprisings against the Crown
Henry VIII and the Reformation
Causes of the Pilgrimage of Grace
Implications for royal authority
Impact of the uprising
7 The extension of the franchise
Problems with Britain’s electoral system
The Great Reform Act, 1832
The causes of Chartism
The impact of Chartism
10 Women’s rights
Different tactics
Response to militancy
War and the vote
Equality in the later twentieth century
2 The origins of parliament
King Henry III and his barons
The Provisions of Oxford, 1258
Second Barons’ War
Significance of the Parliament of 1265
3 Medieval revolt and royal authority
Causes of the Peasants’ Revolt
Impact of the Peasants’ Revolt
Part two: Challenging royal authority
5 Divine right and parliamentary authority
Causes of the English Revolution
The Civil War: who fought whom
New Model Army
The trial of Charles I
Cromwell and the Commonwealth
6 Royal authority and the right to representation
Causes of the American Revolution
Impact and significance of the American Revolution
Part three: Reform and reformers
8 Protest and change
Anti-Corn Law League
The slave trade
Abolition movement
Factory and social reform
Impact of reforms
9 Workers’ movements
The start of trade unionism
Grand National Consolidated Trades Union (GNCTU)
New Model Unions
New Unionism
Part four: Equality and rights
11 Workers’ rights
Causes of the General Strike, 1926
Actions of the miners and government
Trade union reform
12 Minority rights
Immigration in the twentieth century
Government reform
Enoch Powell
Brixton Riots, 1981
Exam practice: GCSE sample answers
Activity answers guidance
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