Adam Bede

Adam Bede

By George Eliot
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Book One
  • Chapter I
    • The Workshop
  • Chapter II
    • The Preaching
  • Chapter III
    • After the Preaching
  • Chapter IV
    • Home and Its Sorrows
  • Chapter V
    • The Rector
  • Chapter VI
    • The Hall Farm
  • Chapter VII
    • The Dairy
  • Chapter VIII
    • A Vocation
  • Chapter IX
    • Hetty's World
  • Chapter X
    • Dinah Visits Lisbeth
  • Chapter XI
    • In the Cottage
  • Chapter XII
    • In the Wood
  • Chapter XIII
    • Evening in the Wood
  • Chapter XIV
    • The Return Home
  • Chapter XV
    • The Two Bed-Chambers
  • Chapter XVI
    • Links
  • Book Two
  • Chapter XVII
    • In Which the Story Pauses a Little
  • Chapter XVIII
    • Church
  • Chapter XIX
    • Adam on a Working Day
  • Chapter XX
    • Adam Visits the Hall Farm
  • Chapter XXI
    • The Night-School and the Schoolmaster
  • Book Three
  • Chapter XXII
    • Going to the Birthday Feast
  • Chapter XXIII
    • Dinner-Time
  • Chapter XXIV
    • The Health-Drinking
  • Chapter XXV
    • The Games
  • Chapter XXVI
    • The Dance
  • Book Four
  • Chapter XXVII
    • A crisis
  • Chapter XXVIII
    • A Dilemma
  • Chapter XXIX
    • The Next Morning
  • Chapter XXX
    • The Delivery of the Letter
  • Chapter XXXI
    • In Hetty's Bed-Chamber
  • Chapter XXXII
    • Mrs. Poyser "Has Her Say Out"
  • Chapter XXXIII
    • More Links
  • Chapter XXXIV
    • The Betrothal
  • Chapter XXXV
    • The Hidden Dread
  • Book Five
  • Chapter XXXVI
    • The Journey of Hope
  • Chapter XXXVII
    • The Journey in Despair
  • Chapter XXXVIII
    • The Quest
  • Chapter XXXIX
    • The Tidings
  • Chapter XL
    • The Bitter Waters Spread
  • Chapter XLI
    • The Eve of the Trial
  • Chapter XLII
    • The Morning of the Trial
  • Chapter XLIII
    • The Verdict
  • Chapter XLIV
    • Arthur's Return
  • Chapter XLV
    • In the Prison
  • Chapter XLVI
    • The Hours of Suspense
  • Chapter XLVII
    • The Last Moment
  • Chapter XLVIII
    • Another Meeting in the Wood
  • Book Six
  • Chapter XLIX
    • At the Hall Farm
  • Chapter L
    • In the Cottage
  • Chapter LI
    • Sunday Morning
  • Chapter LII
    • Adam and Dinah
  • Chapter LIII
    • The Harvest Supper
  • Chapter LIV
    • The Meeting on the Hill
  • Chapter LV
    • Marriage Bells
  • Epilogue
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