Version Control with Subversion, Community Edition
Ben Collins-Sussman
Version Control with Subversion, Community Edition

One of the greatest frustrations in most software projects is version control: the art of managing changes to information. Today's increasingly fast pace of software development--as programmers make small changes to software one day only to undo them the next--has only heightened the problem; consecutive work on code or single-programmer software is a rare sight these days. Without careful attention to version control, concurrent and collaborative work can create more headaches than it solves. This is where Subversion comes into play.

Written by members of the Subversion open source development team, "Version Control with Subversion" introduces the powerful new versioning tool designed to be the successor to the Concurrent Version System or CVS. CVS users will find the "look and feel" Subversion comfortably familiar, but under the surface it's far more flexible, robust, and usable, and more importantly, it improves on CVS's more notable flaws. The book begins with a general introduction to Subversion, the basic concepts behind version control, and a guided tour of Subversion's capabilities and structure. With thorough attention to detail, the authors cover every aspect of installing and configuring Subversion for managing a programming project, documentation, or any other team-based endeavor. Later chapters cover the more complex topics of branching, repository administration, and other advanced features such as properties, externals, and access control. The book ends with reference material and appendices covering a number of useful topics such as a Subversion complete reference and troubleshooting guide. "Version Control with Subversion" aims to be useful to readers of widelydifferent backgrounds, from those with no previous experience in version control to experienced sysadmins. If you've never used version control, you'll find everything you need to get started in this book. And if you're a seasoned CVS pro, this book will help you make a painless leap into Subversion.

Links to print and source (and subversion repository!) available at Red Bean Software.

What Is Subversion?
How to Read This Book
Organization of This Book
This Book Is Free
Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts
Version Control Basics
Version Control the Subversion Way
Chapter 2. Basic Usage
Getting Data into Your Repository
Creating a Working Copy
Basic Work Cycle
Examining History
Sometimes You Just Need to Clean Up
Dealing with Structural Conflicts
Chapter 3. Advanced Topics
Revision Specifiers
Peg and Operative Revisions
File Portability
Ignoring Unversioned Items
Keyword Substitution
Sparse Directories
Externals Definitions
Network Model
Chapter 4. Branching and Merging
What's a Branch?
Using Branches
Basic Merging
Advanced Merging
Traversing Branches
Branch Maintenance
Common Branching Patterns
Vendor Branches
To Branch or Not to Branch?
Chapter 5. Repository Administration
The Subversion Repository, Defined
Strategies for Repository Deployment
Creating and Configuring Your Repository
Repository Maintenance
Moving and Removing Repositories
Chapter 6. Server Configuration
Choosing a Server Configuration
svnserve, a Custom Server
httpd, the Apache HTTP Server
Path-Based Authorization
High-level Logging
Server Optimization
Supporting Multiple Repository Access Methods
Chapter 7. Customizing Your Subversion Experience
Runtime Configuration Area
Using External Editors
Using External Differencing and Merge Tools
Chapter 8. Embedding Subversion
Layered Library Design
Using the APIs
Chapter 9. Subversion Complete Reference
svn—Subversion Command-Line Client
svnadmin—Subversion Repository Administration
svnlook—Subversion Repository Examination
svnsync—Subversion Repository Mirroring
svnrdump—Remote Subversion Repository Data Migration
svnserve—Custom Subversion Server
svndumpfilter—Subversion History Filtering
svnversion—Subversion Working Copy Version Info
mod_dav_svn—Subversion Apache HTTP Server Module
mod_authz_svn—Subversion Apache HTTP Authorization Module
Appendix A. Subversion Quick-Start Guide
Installing Subversion
High-Speed Tutorial
Appendix B. Subversion for CVS Users
Revision Numbers Are Different Now
Directory Versions
More Disconnected Operations
Distinction Between Status and Update
Branches and Tags
Metadata Properties
Conflict Resolution
Binary Files and Translation
Versioned Modules
Converting a Repository from CVS to Subversion
Appendix C. WebDAV and Autoversioning
What Is WebDAV?
Client Interoperability
Appendix D. Copyright
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