By George Eliot
Book Description

A literary landmark in its groundbreaking approach, as well as a priceless document of its age One of the most ambitious narratives of nineteenth-century realism, "Middlemarch" tells the story of an entire town in the years leading up to the Reform Bill of 1832, a time when modern methods were starting to challenge old orthodoxies. Eliot's sophisticated and acute characterization gives rich expression to every nuance of feeling, and vividly brings to life the town's inhabitants--including the young idealist Dorothea Brooke, the dry scholar Casaubon, the young, passionate reformist doctor Lydgate, the flighty young beauty Rosamond, and the old, secretive banker Bulstrode--as they move in counterpoint to each other. Art, religion, politics, society, science, human relationships in all their complexity--nothing is left unexamined under the narrator's microscope. Also included in this edition are pictures and an extensive section on George Eliot's life and works.

Table of Contents
  • Prelude
  • Book I. Miss Brooke.
  • Chapter I.
  • Chapter II.
  • Chapter III.
  • Chapter IV.
  • Chapter V.
  • Chapter VI.
  • Chapter VII.
  • Chapter VIII.
  • Chapter IX.
  • Chapter X.
  • Chapter XI.
  • Chapter XII.
  • Book II. Old and Young
  • Chapter XIII.
  • Chapter XIV.
  • Chapter XV.
  • Chapter XVI.
  • Chapter XVII.
  • Chapter XVIII.
  • Chapter XIX.
  • Chapter XX.
  • Chapter XXI.
  • Chapter XXII.
  • Book III. Waiting for Death
  • Chapter XXIII.
  • Chapter XXIV.
  • Chapter XXV.
  • Chapter XXVI.
  • Chapter XXVII.
  • Chapter XXVIII.
  • Chapter XXIX.
  • Chapter XXX.
  • Chapter XXXI.
  • Chapter XXXII.
  • Chapter XXXIII.
  • Book IV. Three Love Problems.
  • Chapter XXXIV.
  • Chapter XXXV.
  • Chapter XXXVI.
  • Chapter XXXVII.
  • Chapter XXXVIII.
  • Chapter XXXIX.
  • Chapter XL.
  • Chapter XLI.
  • Chapter XLII.
  • Book V. The Dead Hand.
  • Chapter XLIII.
  • Chapter XLIV.
  • Chapter XLV.
  • Chapter XLVI.
  • Chapter XLVII.
  • Chapter XLVIII
  • Chapter XLIX.
  • Chapter L.
  • Chapter LI.
  • Chapter LII.
  • Chapter LIII.
  • Book VI. The Widow and the Wife.
  • Chapter LIV.
  • Chapter LV.
  • Chapter LVI.
  • Chapter LVII.
  • Chapter LVIII.
  • Chapter LIX.
  • Chapter LX.
  • Chapter LXI.
  • Chapter LXII.
  • Book VII. Two Temptations.
  • Chapter LXIII.
  • Chapter LXIV.
  • Chapter LXV.
  • Chapter LXVI.
  • Chapter LXVII.
  • Chapter LXVIII.
  • Chapter LXIX.
  • Chapter LXX.
  • Chapter LXXI.
  • Book VIII. Sunset and Sunrise.
  • Chapter LXXII.
  • Chapter LXXIII.
  • Chapter LXXIV.
  • Chapter LXXV.
  • Chapter LXXVI.
  • Chapter LXXVII.
  • Chapter LXXVIII.
  • Chapter LXXIX.
  • Chapter LXXX.
  • Chapter LXXXI.
  • Chapter LXXXII.
  • Chapter LXXXIII.
  • Chapter LXXXIV.
  • Chapter LXXXV.
  • Chapter LXXXVI.
  • Finale.
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