The End of Irish History?

The End of Irish History?

By Colin Coulter
Book Description

Ireland appears to be in the throes of a remarkable process of social change. Over the last decade, the apparently inescapable status of the twenty-six counties as an economic casualty has been dramatically reversed. In recent years, it has become commonplace for the Irish Republic to register formal rates of economic growth that are the envy of every other western European state. The purpose of this exciting new book is to systematically scrutinise the interpretations and prescriptions that inform the deceptively simple metaphor of the 'Celtic Tiger'. The standpoint of the book is that a more critical approach to the course of development being followed by the Republic is urgently required. The essays collected here set out to expose the fallacies that drive the fashionable rhetoris of Tigerhood. Four of these fallacies - that Ireland has cast off the chains of economic dependency, that everyone is benefiting from the economic recovery, that personal freedom and liberty are at an unprecedented level for all citizens, and that Ireland is also experiencing a period of strong cultural renaissance - are vigorously challenged. An esteemed list of contributors deal with issues such as immigration, women's issues, globalisation, and changing economic and social conditions. This book will be essential reading for all students of modern Ireland.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • List of tables and figures
  • Notes on contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1 The end of Irish history? An introduction to the book - COLIN COULTER
  • 2 Macroeconomic policy in the Celtic Tiger: a critical reassessment - DENIS O’HEARN
  • 3 Neither Boston nor Berlin: class polarisation and neo-liberalism in the Irish Republic - KIERAN ALLEN
  • 4 Welcome to the Celtic Tiger: racism, immigration and the state - STEVE LOYAL
  • 5 Irish women and the Celtic Tiger economy - SINÉAD KENNEDY
  • 6 Globalised Ireland, or, contemporary transformations of national identity? - G. HONOR FAGAN
  • 7 Millenarianism and utopianism in the new Ireland: the tragedy (and comedy) of accelerated modernisation - KIERAN KEOHANE and CARMEN KUHLING
  • 8 Fear and loathing in lost ages: journeys through postmodern Dublin - DAVID SLATTERY
  • 9 Contemporary discourses of working, earning and spending: acceptance, critique and the bigger picture - ANNE B. RYAN
  • 10 The centralised government of liquidity: community, language and culture under the Celtic Tiger - STEVE COLEMAN
  • 11 Northern Ireland: a reminder from the present - PETE SHIRLOW
  • Index
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