Reframing Singapore
Derek Thiam Soon Heng
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Reframing Singapore

History, geography, and auxiliary disciplines; Sociology; Economics

Deze verzameling van essays over Singapore houdt de geschiedenis en huidige ontwikkelingen van deze stadstaat tegen het licht. Met een multidisciplinaire benadering kijken de auteurs nog eens kritisch naar de Singaporese geschiedenis om zo beter zicht te krijgen op de uitdagingen waar het land en zijn bewoners op dit moment voor staan.

Table of Contents
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1. Introduction
2. From Political Rhetoric to National History: Bi-Culturalism and Hybridisation in the Construction of Singapore’s Historical Narrative
3. Gateway and Panopticon: Singapore and Surviving Regime Change in the Nineteenth Century Malay World
4. Beyond the Rhetoric of Communalism: Violence and the Process of Reconciliation in 1950s Singapore
5. The Politics of Fires in Post-1950s Singapore and the Making of the Modernist Nation-State
6. Gender and Discipline in ‘The Singapore Story’: The Female Chinese Factory Workers in Perspective, c. 1980-c. 1990
7. Textualising the Baba Identity: Insights into the Making of a Bibliography
8. Negotiating Identities, Affiliations and Interests: The Many Lives of Han Wai Toon, an Overseas Chinese
9. Singaporean First: Challenging the Concept of Transnational Malay Masculinity
10. Trans-National Biographies and Trans-National Habiti: The Case of Chinese-Singaporeans in Hong Kong
11. Indian Media and the Lure of ‘Uniquely Singapore’
12. Localising the Global and Globalising the Local: The Global Households of Filipina Trans-Migrant Workers and Their Singapore Employers
13. Raffles Hotel Singapore: Advertising, Consumption and Romance
14. The Role of Recruitment Agencies for Japanese Working Women in Singapore
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