From Early Tang Court Debates to China's Peaceful Rise
Friederike Assandri
From Early Tang Court Debates to China's Peaceful Rise

This volume presents new topics from Chinese history of the last 1400 years from a broad range of fields such as politics, religion, society, economy and culture. The refreshing eight articles give new insights on events as different as the inter-religious court debates of the Tang, the Jiaqing reform of the Qing, the China display on the Chicago World Fair in 1893, Christianity and state-building in Chaozhou, the Taiwan salt trade, Chinese indentured labour in World War I in France, China's rise and current internet regulation. This book highlights the complexity of multi-level interaction of different agents in the center and periphery of China, inside and outside China, contributing to intellectual debates, political and social dynamics, economy structure, modernization, identity building and interaction with the outside.

Dit boek biedt een verfrissende kijk op 1400 jaar Chinese geschiedenis. In acht artikelen worden politieke, religieuze, maatschappelijke economische en culturele geschiedenis tegen het licht gehouden. Uiteenlopende ontwikkelingen komen aan bod, van de interreligieuze rechtbankdebatten van de Tang-dynastie, de Jiaging reformatie van de Qing-dynastie tot China's opkomst en de huidige internetgeneratie.

Table of Contents
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1. Inter-religious Debate at the Court of the Early Tang: An Introduction to Daoxuan’s Ji gujin Fo Dao lunheng
2. Social Crises and Political Reform during the Jiaqing Reign of Qing China, 1796-1810s
3. ‘China’ on Display at the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893: Faces of Modernization in the Contact Zone
4. Christianity and State-Building in Republican Chaozhou, South China
5. The Structure of Salt Distribution in Taiwan, 1895-1945
6. Semi-Colonialism and Cultural Interaction: Chinese Indentured Labor in World War One France and the Sino-French Connection
7. China’s Rise: Some Considerations
8. A Snapshot of Internet Regulation in Contemporary China: Censorship, Profitability and Responsibility
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