In His Milieu

In His Milieu

By Amy Golahny
Book Description

Collected in memory of the Vermeer scholar and Yale economist J. Michael Montias, these essays take into account the latest trends in the field and provide new data on a wide range of topics in Netherlandish art. Themes include the reception of paintings and architecture; art collecting as interpreted through inventories and other documents that reveal modes of display; relationships between patrons and painters; recently found or attributed works of art; artists as teachers; and the art market. Taken together, these focused studies offer fresh perspectives on the historical appreciation and evaluation of art. Drawing upon J.M. Montias' contribution to art history, these 32 essays present new analyses, attributions, and documents on Netherlandish art and material culture - including the work of Vermeer, Rubens, Rembrandt, van Eyck and others - by internationally known scholars of art history and the economics of art

Ter ere van Michael Montias' bijdrage aan de kunstgeschiedenis, eert een internationale groep experts op het gebied van Nederlandse kunst in 32 essays hem om zijn wapenfeiten. Met nieuwe feiten, nog niet eerder gepubliceerde documenten en nieuwe interpretaties vormen deze essays een kritische heroverweging over hoe Nederlandse kunst en architectuur wordt bestudeerd vandaag de dag. Het boek bevat recente studies over het werk van Vermeer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Eyck en vele anderen. De thema's in de bundel zijn: de ontvangst van schilderijen en architectuur, het verzamelen van kunst bestudeerd door verschillende verzamelingen, de relaties tussen meesters en hun leerlingen, kunstenaars als leraren en de kunstmarkt. Met het geven van nieuwe inzichten is dit boek een belangrijke bron voor toekomstige studies.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Four Remembrances
  • Art-Historical Publications byJohn Michael Montias1
  • Two Forms of Knowledge: Invention and Production in Thomas de Keyser’s
  • The Case of Han van Meegeren’sFake Vermeer Supper at Emmaus Reconsidered
  • Prices of Northern Netherlandish Paintingsin the Seventeenth Century
  • The Mysterious Landscape PainterGovert Janszn called Mijnheer (1577-c.1619)
  • Jacob Ochtervelt’s Rotterdam Patron
  • Did Rembrandt Travel to England?
  • The Antwerp-Mechelen Productionand Export Complex
  • Thoughts on the Market for Rembrandt’sPortrait Etchings
  • If the Shoe Fits: Courtship, Sex, and Societyin an Unusual Painting by Gonzales Coques
  • A Sophonisba by Pieter Lastman?
  • Poelenburch’s Garden: Art, Flowers, Networks,and Knowledge in Seventeenth-CenturyHolland
  • Tournai’s Renaissance Jubé: Artas Instrument of Empowerment
  • Vermeer and His Thematic Use of Perspective
  • The Face in the Landscape: A PuzzlingPrint by Matthäus Merian the Elder
  • Murant and his Milieu: A Biography ofEmanuel Murant, the “Rustic Forerunner”of Jan van der Heyden
  • Rubens as a Teacher: “He may teach his artto his students and others to his liking”
  • Abraham van Dijck (1635?-1680) a DordrechtPainter in the Shadow of Rembrandt
  • Joachim/Peter Wtewael, Father/Son,Master/Pupil
  • At Home with the Ten Commandments:Domestic Text Paintings in Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam
  • The Transfer and Reception of Dutch Art inthe Baltic Area during the Eighteenth Century:The Case of the Hamburg Dealer GerhardMorrell
  • Sleeping Caps, City Views, and State Funerals:Privileges for Prints in the Dutch Republic,1593-1650
  • Piety and Splendor: The Art Collection ofAntwerp Burgomaster Adriaan Hertsen
  • Pictorial Archives: “Jordaans” in Delft
  • Visiting Vermeer: Performing Civility
  • The Montias Database: Inventories ofAmsterdam Art Collections
  • Some Questions Concerning InventoryResearch
  • Marketing the Dutch Past: The Lucas vanLeyden Revival around 1600
  • “Les regards dards”: Werner van den Valckert’sVenus and Cupid1
  • The School of Cornelis van Poelenburch
  • From Art to Politics: The Paintings of Jean deWarignies, Lord of Blainville (c. 1581-1628)
  • Van Eyck Out of Focus
  • Landscape’s Pleasures: The Gifted Drawingin the Seventeenth Century
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