Ethnic Minorities and Regional Development in Asia

Ethnic Minorities and Regional Development in Asia

By Huhua Cao
Book Description

The development experience in the world over the last century has shown that economic growth cannot be sustained without taking into consideration the social and political development of vulnerable populations, including greater recognition of minority rights. Within this context, the objective of this book is initially to support the interdisciplinary discussion that aims to join studies that surrounding the development of minorities in the Asia.

Azië is economisch gezien een van de snelst groeiende regio's in de wereld. Dit geldt vooral voor Oost- en Zuidoost- Aziatische landen als China en Vietnam. Toch zijn er tegelijkertijd grote regionale verschillen in welvaart. Huhua Cao stelt dat gelijkberechtiging van de etnische minderheden een voorwaarde is voor de verdere economische bloei van deze regio's. De emancipatie van die minderheden is een enorme uitdaging waar veel Aziatische samenlevingen op dit moment voor staan. Huhua Cao wil met zijn boek een interdisciplinaire discussie op gang brengen over die emancipatie. De gevarieerde hoofdstukken in deze bundel dragen daar het nodige aan bij.

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables, Figures, and Photos
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Maximising Opportunities for the Tibetans of Qinghai Province, China
  • 3. Southeast Asia ‘Ethnic Minorities’ in an Account by the Florentine Merchant Francesco Carletti: A 17th Century Manuscript
  • 4. Fuzzy Sets in Regional Development Analysis: A case study of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region,Western China
  • 5. Patterns of the Use and the Choice of Health Care Facilities among the Han and Minority Populations in China
  • 6. Accessibility of Health Care for Pastoralists in the Tibetan Plateau Region: A Case Study from Southern Qinghai Province, China
  • 7. Dealing with Urban Ethnic Differences: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Canadian Strategies
  • 8. Urbanisation Processes among Ethnic Groups in Western China
  • 9. Conflict and Displacement: A Leading Social Problem in Sri Lanka A Study of Two Communities in Anuradhapura District
  • 10. Sardar Sarovar Dam: A Case Study of Oustees in Gujarat, India
  • 11. Local Government and Multicultural Coexistence Practices in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Integrating a Growing Foreigner Minority Population
  • 12. Challenges of ecotourism in northern Laos: The case of Luang Nam Tha province
  • 13. Ethnic Tourism Development: Preliminary Data for the Dong Village of Zhaoxing, China
  • 14. Between Performance and Intimacy: Back Spaces and Private Moments in the Tourist Village of Luoshui, China
  • Biography of Contributors
  • Bibliography
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