Way of the Waves

Way of the Waves

By Janina Ramirez
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Book Description

Join young investigator and shield maiden Alva as she goes a-viking around the medieval world in search of adventure!

Alva clings to her sleeping wolf as the Viking longship pitches and rolls over the North Sea's crashing waves. Soon she will reveal herself as a secret stowaway, but only when there's no chance of turning back. This is her opportunity to put her shield maiden spirit to the test - exploring strange new lands, solving mysteries, and most importantly finding her father . . .

Table of Contents
  • The Moon’s Wheel
  • Horse of the Mountains of the Swans
  • The Fish Field
  • The Heart of the Earth
  • Wide Awning of the Cloud Halls
  • Fair Jewel of the High Storm-House
  • Terrifying Lord of Princes
  • Servants of the Son of Mary
  • Diminisher of Falsehoods
  • Timber-Fast Boat of the Building Plot
  • Bold Enjoyer of the Glory
  • The Highest Mind-Board
  • Rowing of Wind-Oars
  • Of the Seaweed of the Hill-Slope
  • Saddle-Beasts
  • Of the Stream of the Land of the Snowdrift of the Earth
  • Hall of the Sun’s Stronghold
  • Beautifully Dressed Oak of Riches
  • People of the Moon’s Path
  • A Slayer of Life’s Duration
  • Drink of the Volsungar
  • The Roof-Ridge of the Temple of the Ground
  • Punisher of Discord, Nourisher of Wisdom
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